A new species of Alpinia and some addition to the Flora of Thailand

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A new species of Alpinia and some addition

to the Flora of Thailand


Hidenobu Funakoshi


Department of Plant Research, Kochi Makino Botanical Garden,

4200-6 Godaisan, Kochi City 781-8125 Japan


    A new Alpinia (Zingiberaceae) species was discovered from Betong, Yala Province near the Malaysian Border. A new name A. erosilabiata Funak. is proposed here. The locality is very close to the type locality of recently described A. mythiana C.K.Lim. The species is mainly characterized by irregularly dentate labellum margin and the specific epithet was named based on this character.

    A new addition to Thai Zingiberaceae flora is A. platychilus K.Schum. This species was formerly recognized as A. malaccensis (Burm.f.) Roscoe var. nobilis (Ridl.) I.M.Turner by Dr Surapon Saensouk. But after close examination with the holotype of A. malaccensis var. nobilis at Kew and with Chinese A. platychilus, I concluded A. platychilus occurs in Thailand. This species and its hybrid are widely distributed in Northern Thailand above 1000m in altitude.

    The existences of A. intermedia Gagnep. and indigenous A. zerumbet (Pers.) B.L.Burtt & R.M.Sm. in Thailand are also questionable.

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