A checklist of Important Documents for Abu Dhabi Employees

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A Checklist of Important Documents for Abu Dhabi Employees

What Do I Bring?

Make sure you send the requested documents AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ZU – HR. These are essential for visa and immigration processing. Email scanned versions immediately. Attesting documents can take some time – so start the process early.
Bring, with you in your carry-on luggage on the airplane if arriving by air, attested copies AND originals of important documents that you need now and in future - this includes documents such as birth certificates, diplomas or degrees of the employee and family members, marriage certificates, drivers licenses, etc.  By having them here with you in the U.A.E., you have easy access should the need arise to present original or attested documents. 
Bring those documents indicates with a ()to the first day of Orientation. They are required for the formalities of contract signing, residence visa applications, etc. We’ve also suggested additional important documents to bring with you to assist in school registration, driver’s license application, etc.


Send to HR

Bring to Day One Orientation


(Send scanned copies by email to ZU-HR ASAP)

Signed Letter of Offer (scanned/digital copy)

Send pdf or Word versions of scanned documents.

Passport Copy for yourself and each family member who will be arriving and resident with you (scanned/digital copy; pdf or Word format)

Passport must have:

  • Eighteen months validity,

  • Five blank pages (in addition to any pages set aside for “Amendments and Endorsements”),

  • No Israeli visa stamps.

Note: Please make sure the scanned copies you send are in color.

Bring Original Passports

Employee Information Form – completed; (scanned/digital copy; pdf or Word format)

Security Clearance Form and other required documents – ( completed (scanned/digital copy; pdf or Word) Please follow instruction on completing all documents required for security clearance (see below)

Passport Photos of yourself & all family members who will reside with you in the UAE.

  • Clear scanned passport photos with white background; head and shoulders, and should be in jpg format. These should be sent with the signed offer letter.

  • 8 passport photos of the same scanned photograph sent before arrival should be submitted upon arrival for visa procedures.

Photograph Sizes:

The size of the photographs should be (3.5 x 3.5 cms; as passport photos are required for nearly all procedures we recommend that you obtain a dozen and keep a few in your wallet.
Important Note: If we receive different photographs to the scanned ones, we will not be able to process your visa.

Bring 8 Photos for



Official Transcripts of your Degrees (Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate)

These should be sent directly from the issuing institution to us in a sealed envelope addressed to the responsible Recruitment Consultant.

In the event your University is unable to send transcripts then please follow the attestation of documents procedure.

Married Employees

Marriage Certificate (attested)

This is required to sponsor your spouse.
On arrival you will also be required to have your certificate further attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi. The Ministry will charge a fee for this service.

Employees Accompanied by


mployees Accompanied By children

Birth Certificates of your child/ children who will take up residence in the UAE (Attested).

This is required to sponsor your child/children.
On arrival you will also be required to have your certificate further attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabii. The Ministry will charge a fee for this service.

Adoption & Custody Agreements (Attested)

Signed Letter from Father (If traveling without Father - (Attested)

Transfer certificates (for Children who will attend School in the UAE) From previous UAE school or leaving report from school abroad. The certificate should include the dates the child(ren) entered and left the school; name of the last class completed. The certificate should be written on school letterhead and should be signed and stamped by the head teacher or principal.

Inoculation Records for Children

Other Carry Along Documents

Degree(s) & Professional Certifications (Original)
Employee: Degree/ Certificates (to be attested only if transcripts were not sent to us by issuing institution).

Spouse: Original Attested Degrees/Certificates will be required if spouse wishes to seek employment in the UAE.

Driver’s License(s) & International Driver’s License (Original)

For the employee & spouse

Originals and Attested Copies of all Important Documents – it’s always a good idea to retain copies of important documents, credit cards, etc in the event the originals go missing. Having original documents in the UAE may assist later should you require them.

Essential Employee Documents required for Security Clearance

(Please send these at the earliest to initiate the security clearance procedure)

Highest Degree (Send a Scanned Copy)

Letter of employment (experience certificate)/A letter confirming employment from the candidate’s previous employer (Send a scanned copy)

Introductory Document – 2 page Security Clearance Form (attached)

Passport Copy (Scanned copy in color)

A Recent Passport-Sized Photograph (Scanned copy)

For more information on Important Documents go to:


For guidance on Attestation Procedures follow this link:


Zayed University Contact Information:

HR Fax - +971-4-4021-013

Mailing Address, To: “ Name of Recruitment Consultant”

Zayed University,

Human Resources

P.O Box 19282

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Email Address: Responsible Recruitment Consultant’s email

By: Reham Al-Adawy

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