730 Expenditure Process

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730 Expenditure Process
This document will give you the overall process of submitting a 730 Expenditure.

When you have completed and saved the form, select File from the menu and then

Send To > Mail Recipient (For Review)… Enter your Administrators email address and click Send. Administrator’s: after you review the document, please follow the same procedure except enter Mr. Zickgraf’s address and click send.


March 1 - 15

September 1 -15


Requests/Rationale form: This form is where you define..

Decision Rules for Review Panel:

The review team of Asst. to the Superintendent & Business Manager will evaluate the Expenditure request. They will make their recommendations to the Superintendent based on whether the Expenditure request falls within the guidelines as follows:

  • Safety

  • Instructional impact

  • Fiscal impact


You will be informed of the decisions in a timely manner. If prioritization is necessary, you will be asked to make those decisions before requisitions are processed. Once requests are approved,

you will have one week to raise a question or appeal a decision before requisitions are processed.

  • If your request is declined the requisition with a note will be returned to you.

730 Expenditure Rationale
Please note that the below questions should be answered for each request. Be sure a completed and signed requisition is attached to each request. If this is a Technology request attach either the Software or Hardware Request form. (This request will be presented to Technology for compatibility approval before a decision is made on the request.)

  1. What do you wish to purchase?

  1. How will you use this purchase?

  1. How would you describe the benefit(s) of this purchase? (who, how many, type of benefit?)

Requesting Individual’s Name


Administrator’s Name


Double click on the spreadsheet to edit the information. The spreadsheet with appear in another window on top of the document. When you have completed editing the spreadsheet please use the scroll bar in the spreadsheet window to ensure you can see the top of the spreadsheet. To commit your changes, click anywhere on the document other than the spreadsheet window.

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