16 Witton Lane, Little Plumstead, Norwich, nr13 5DL

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16 Witton Lane, Little Plumstead, Norwich, NR13 5DL

Autumn ‘10

July 2015 Welcome to our list of recently harvested seed.
Quantities of seed will be sufficient to sow in a 7cm pot i.e. a minimum

of 6 seeds of the scarcer plants but usually more.

As many items are in short supply please add a few alternatives and use

the ‘limited cheque’ method of payment i.e. in crossed lines ‘amount not to

exceed…..’ followed by the maximum amount of your order plus post

and packing charge. Please make cheques payable to ‘Witton Lane Seeds’.

Postage & Packing - £1.50 for the UK. NB. Minimum order is £10.00
Europe – P & P £3.50

Elsewhere P & P £4.50

Please pay by International Money Order in sterling or a sterling cheque

drawn on a London clearing bank or you can use the IBAN system. If you wish

to send cash please send Pounds sterling or Euros.
If in doubt please email - sally.ward246@btinternet.com. If you would like to

receive our lists by email in future please let us have your email address.

Thanks to Bob and Ann Armstrong and Pattie Peck.


rivularis – white with blue backs 2.00

cylindrica – lovely white thimbleweed – 40 cms. 2.00

ex.’ Guernica’ - a dwarf with large creamy white flowers 2.00

pavonina – wild collected Sicily. A fabulous plant 3.00


pyreniaca - soft pretty blue flowers.30cms. 2.50


sp. ex Croatia - dainty small flowers and very small leaves 2.50


africanum - a lovely plant for a cold greenhouse 2.00

cilicicum – hardy here in a raised bed 2.50

cyprium – autumn, very elegant, hardy here, good leaves 2.50

hildebrandii – autumn, vigorous hybrid, v. large flowers 2.00

pseudibericum – originally from the Locus Classicus in Turkey

Turkey 2.50

whitei - graecum x hederifolium - a very good garden plant 2.50


pontica - useful evergreen with yellowy green flowers 2.00


edwardii – orange flared bells, Altai Mts. 2.50

pallidiflorus – large primrose bells 2.00

pyreniaca – elegant plum bells, golden inside 2.00

raddeana – a small elegant imperialis type, cream 2.50


elwesii - ex ‘Long Drop’, ‘Paradise Giant’, Deer Slot’,

Grumpy, ‘Godfrey Owen’ etc. 3.00

nivalis mix - including ‘Clovis’ and poculiformis 3.00

nivalis – from very large plants 2.50

plicatus – yellows – ex ‘Primrose Warburg’‘,Wendy’s

Gold’ and ‘Spindlestone Surprise’ 3.50

plicatus - ex ‘Southhayes’, ‘Trymlet’ ‘Yaffles’, ‘Diggory’,

The Pearl’ etc. 3.00

Glaucidium palmatum - a woodland classic, pink/lilac poppy-like

flowers. 3.00


purpurascens - wild collected 2.50

sp. TM3009. Velebit mts. Croatia. Yellowy green,

deciduous 3.00

best blacks 2.00

best greens 2.00

best slatey-greys 2.00

best yellows 2.00

best yellows with red centres 3.00

double blacks 2.50

double picotees 2.50

double pinks 2.50

double yellows 2.50

double mix 2.50

ex. Eric’s Best – very large and spotty 2.00


nobilis - LES strain large white flowers and fab leaves 2.50

nobilis ex Polish Tatra mountains very large fls & lvs.

V. beautiful and vigorous. A favourite. 2.00


annuus – a fine yellow pea 2.00

rotundifolius – the wonderful brick red perennial pea 2.50

vernus - the indispensable Spring pea. Purple and blue 2.00 vernus albo-roseus - large pink flowers 2.00


annua ‘Chedglow’ – deepest purple, very floriferous 2.00


linifolia – a wonderful little creamy white annual 2.00


campanella – violet blue with silky hairs – fabulous 3.00 georgica – cream with blue backs 2.50

halleri - large fls, pink to mauve 2.00

montana - small purple nodding flowers, very beautiful 2.50

vulgaris – ex best whites 2.00

vulgaris – ex Bartons pink 2.00

vulgaris ‘Papagena’ – semi double with fimbriate flowers 2.00


bulbocodium ssp.leichtlinii - large, white with a yellow

throat. 2.00

Saruma henryi - a very good Chinese woodlander with clear

yellow flowers 2.00


amoena - a dwarf with stunning blue flowers 2.00

hyacinthoides – tall pale blue spikes early summer 2.00


rubrifolium – lovely red leaves 2.00


albidum – lovely white, scented ‘wake robin’ 2.50

angustipetalum – large maroon upright fls. Vigorous. 2.50


sylvestris – collected in Romania 2.00

Viola subsinata – wonderful laciniate foliage 2.00


Witton Lane Seeds, 16 Witton Lane, Little Plumstead,

Norwich, Norfolk (UK) NR13 5DL



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Plus UK: £1.50 towards P & P

Europe: £3.50, Elsewhere £4.50 TOTAL


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