16 Inspection Certificate / Aspect Certificate / qbsa licensee Aspect Certificate

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Inspection Certificate / Aspect Certificate / QBSA Licensee Aspect Certificate


This form is to be used for the purposes of section 10(c) and 239 of the Building Act 1975 and/or sections 32, 35B, 43, 44 and 47 of the Building Regulation 2006.

1. Indicate the type of certificate

The stages of assessable building work are listed in section 24 of the Building Regulation 2006 or as conditioned by the building certifier.

An aspect of building work is part of a stage (e.g. waterproofing).

Inspection Certificate for

Stage of building work (for single detached class 1a or class 10 building or structure)

(indicate the stage) ________________________________________

Aspect of building work

(indicate the aspect) ________________________________________

QBSA Licensee Aspect Certificate

Scope of the work

Scope of the work covered by the licence class under the Queensland Building Services Authority Regulation 2003 for the aspect being certified, e.g. scope of work for a waterproofing licence is “installing waterproofing materials or systems for preventing moisture penetration”. An aspect being certified may include “wet area sealing to showers”.

2. Property description

The description must identify all land the subject of the application.

The lot & plan details (eg. SP / RP) are shown on title documents or a rates notice.

If the plan is not registered by title, provide previous lot and plan details.

Street address (Include no., street, suburb / locality & postcode)


Lot & plan details (Attach list if necessary)

In which local government area is the land situated?

3. Building/structure description

Building/structure description Class of building / structure

4. Description of component/s certified

Clearly describe the extent of work covered by this certificate, e.g. all structural aspects of the steel roof beams.

5. Basis of certification

Detail the basis for giving the certificate and the extent to which tests, specifications, rules, standards, codes of practice and other publications, were relied upon.

6. Reference documentation

Clearly identify any relevant documentation, e.g. numbered structural engineering plans.

7. Building certifier reference number and development approval number

Building certifier reference number Development approval number

8. Building Certifier, competent person or QBSA licensee details

A competent person must be assessed as competent before carrying out the inspection.

The builder for the work cannot give a stage certificate of inspection.

A competent person is assessed by the building certifier for the work as competent to practice in an aspect of the building and specification design, because of the individual’s skill, experience and qualifications. The competent person must be registered or licensed under a law applying in the State to practice the aspect.

If no relevant law requires the individual to be licensed or registered, the certifier must assess the individual as having appropriate experience, qualifications or skills to be able to give the help.

If the chief executive issues any guidelines for assessing a competent person, the building certifier must use the guidelines when assessing the person.

Name (in full)

Company name if applicable Contact person

Phone no. business hours Mobile no. Fax no.

Email address

Postal address

Licence class Licence number

Date approval to inspect received from building certifier

9. Signature of building certifier, competent person or QBSA licensee

Note: A building certifier must sign this form for temporary swimming pool fencing under section 4 of Schedule 1 of QDC MP 3.4.

Signature Date




Approved form 16

Version 3, 11/11

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