1108 Artists’ Cooperative Membership Information Juxtaposition Arts

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1108 Artists’ Cooperative Membership Information

Juxtaposition Arts is an art-based community development center located in North Minneapolis that annually engages thousands of youth and adults through innovative cross-disciplinary programs and services. Our mission is to develop community by engaging and employing young urban artists in hands-on education initiatives that create pathways to self-sufficiency. Our programs utilize a mentor-apprentice model that prepares youth to use their art and design skills as a pathway to employment, entrepreneurship and higher education. We offer visual art/design-based after-school programs, in school residences, consulting services, creative jobs training for teens, and studio work space for adults in order to provide youth and emerging artists with pathways to our region’s robust arts and cultural industries and to contribute to more equitable vibrant neighborhoods and communities.
The mission of the 1108 Artists’ Co-Op is to provide quality affordable art making and creative small business space to traditionally underrepresented emerging and established artists who have a demonstrated commitment to North Minneapolis.
The studio space is located at 1108 West Broadway Avenue. It consists of 9 individual artists’ studios ranging from 126 sf to 445 sf. Co-op membership fees are $1 per sq foot per month depending on the size of the individual studio. (For example Studio 9 is 445 sq ft. and the co-op fees for that member are $445/month.) The studios can be used for art making, rehearsals, practices, small workshops, or as an artist’s business office. In addition to private studio space, co-op members have access to a shared conference room, and free internet Wi-Fi. Electricity, gas, trash and general maintenance of the building are covered by the monthly member fees.
Co-op memberships are available to artists, 18 years of age or older, who demonstrate professional experience and commitment in their genre. We welcome artists from all disciplines, arts-related start-up businesses, and arts entrepreneurs who have a connection to North Minneapolis and are committed to interfacing with local community members.


Fill out an application form. Email info@juxtaposition.org to get a copy of the application form.

Upon acceptance of the application potential members are invited to interview with the Selection Panel made up of all current co-op members and JXTA staff. The Selection panel is responsible for inviting new co-op members from the pool of applicants who:

  • are a good fit with the 1108 Artist’s Co-op mission,

  • demonstrate dedication to their artistic practice and willingness to interface with the local community

  • have the ability to meet required monthly co-op fees as well as actively participate in the care and management of the co-op including required co-op meetings, and selection of co-op members.

Please note: Once we receive your application it will take up to two weeks to be reviewed by the Selection Panel.


Co-op Members receive:

  • A private studio work space – the studios may not be lived in and may not be sub-let.

  • Use of the common conference room, shared bathrooms including shower, and common equipment

  • Free internet Wi-Fi

  • A seat on the co-op organizing committee and Selection Panel

Co-members agree to:

  • serve on the selection panel to induct a new member. All members are part of the governing body.

  • attend meetings of the cooperative, which occur as needed

  • keep your private space and the shared spaces clean & know and apply all health, safety, and security guidelines

  • not remove shared equipment or supplies from the building for any reason.

  • consider and respect of other members, their space and property

  • properly use facilities and equipment, including taking into consideration the size, utility or other limitations within your studio and the common rooms

  • notify JXTA representatives of any maintenance needs in members studio in a timely manner

  • be open to interfacing with JXTA and other Co-op members and North Minneapolis community art programs (such as FLOW Northside Arts Crawl)

Co-op Members must get advance permission from JXTA staff to:

  • make structural changes and installations in studio (Cost of such changes to be the responsibility of co-op member unless otherwise negotiated with JXTA).

  • access first floor “Studio Moja” for a per-use fee when the studio is available.

Internet use:

  • Co-op Members have access to the internet from JXTA’s Wi-Fi. JXTA reserves the right to specifically restrict or filter any access or internet sites. Members are expected to maintain the strictest ethical and legal standards including:

  • Follow copyright and intellectual property laws

  • Follow terms and conditions as outlined on visited sites

  • Do not access any site whose content is illegal or creates a hostile environment


It is the responsibility of co-op members to insure that all doors are locked and windows closed and secured when they enter or leave any co-op spaces. JXTA is not responsible for any loss or damage to co-op members personal or business property.


  • Co-op members have unlimited access to their studio 24/7. Each co-op member will receive a single front door key and a single key to their private studio.

  • Each individual studio has a unique key. If a studio door key is lost, the responsible coop member is charged a $10 replacement fee. There will be a $100 replacement fee to replace lost front door keys. (If front door keys are lost we have to rekey the front door and replace all co-op members’ keys.)

  • Members will be notified as soon as possible prior to events that impact their access

Changes to these policies:

If substantial changes are made to these agreements, existing members will be offered the option to drop their membership and receive a prorated refund if applicable. JXTA’s board of directors makes final decisions as to the operations and policies of the co-op.


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