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by Gini Graham Scott

Could ads to go everywhere be the VERY NEXT NEW THING?

I was just reading how Google has found a way to put ads on iphones and other mobile devices through a new acquisition called AdMob. According to an AP article by Michael Liedtke, Google just purchased it through $750 million from the founder Omar Hamoui, 32, who created the business four years ago while in grad school at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.
The system is considered a breathrough because Hamoui found a way to get through the various controls that wireless carriers impose on the content that customers can see on their phones. These controls got the name “walled gardens” since they were protecting the content, and the carriers were like Godfathers with their protected turf deciding who could enter.
But then, Hamoui’s AdMob system meant that anyone could get through, and after Apple introduced the iPhone, which provided a platform where users could chose their own applications, over 100,000 developers created new apps for it. And they were able to charge only a few dollars or even give the programs away because of the revenue they got from AdMob’s ad network.

The program has proved so successful, that since its creation, AdMob, which now has 150 employees, has provided almost 140 billion ads on mobile Websites and apps. It doubled its income in the past year to between $45-60 million and tripled its income in the year before. No wonder Google wants to buy it for $750 million if its acquisition is approved by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

The way AdMob works is it lets programmers decide where they want their ads to show up while their apps run on a phone. As a result, advertisers, who can be app makers or mass marketers can decide how they want to target their ads. They can, for example, advertise to anyone with an iphone or choose a particular demographic. In turn, this targeting means more clicks per ad. For instance, Hamoui reports that users commonly click on mobile ads 5 to 8 times more often than on seeing ads on a desktop computer.
AdMob has its competitors that also put ads on phones, such as Jumptap, Mojiva, and AOL, but currently AdMob seems to be the market leader, and it seems likely to stay there with Google’s purchase.
After all, Google seems to have a good sense for picking one of the Very Next New Things. In 2006, it purchased the Internet’s top video channel YouTube for $1.76 billion. And in 2008, it acquired DoubleClick, an advertising reporting system that helps Web publishers, marketers, and ad agencies target ads and assess them for the best performance.
What this means is you are likely to see more and more ads wherever you are. Use an app on your cell phone, and see an ad. Take a picture and share it with others, and see an ad. Get stranded in your car and see an ad as you call for help and report where you are. Let others know about this cool new song you just heard, and see an ad as the song plays. In other words, more and more expect to be surrounded by ads wherever you are. It’s great that all these apps will make life easier and more interesting – and to help make that possible, you’ll see an ad.
Thus, wherever you go, you’ll be seeing more and more ads everywhere -- all part of the sea of ads that contribute to the branding and promotion of everything in modern life.
So, as this approach to advertising seems likely to spread, I’d like to nominate AdMob and mobile ads as one of the Very Next New Things to watch over the next year.
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Gini Graham Scott, PhD, is the author of over 50 books, specializing in work relationships, professional and personal development, popular culture, and social trends. She is the host/producer of the radio show CHANGEMAKERS and a script writer/film producer, with several projects in development and post-production. She writes books and scripts for others, too. Her Websites are at www.ginigrahamscott.com and www.changemakersproductions.com.

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