Youth basketball program rules

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  1. The program places a greater focus on fundamentals and skill development. While scrimmages/games will likely be played, these are not the focus of the program. If and when games/scrimmages are played, these will take place only on Saturdays.

  1. The District is especially strict about participants having equal playing time. Every attempt will be made to adhere to this goal. However, please be advised that participants who do not show up to practices will play less in scrimmages/games than those that do show up for practices.

  1. Drop your child off before the start time and pick them up directly after. It is not the responsibility of coaches to accompany your child for extended periods of time before or after the session.

  1. Parents are strongly encouraged to stay and watch.

  1. Assist your child in understanding the rules. Participants are there to play basketball.

  1. Siblings are welcome to attend and watch by they must be accompanied by parents. If siblings attend, they are required to sit and behave throughout the session. Do not allow them to climb

  1. Coaches will assign teams for scrimmages and selections shall be such to ensure ideal team balance.

  1. The District will supply all basketballs. Please do not bring any balls from home!! They often get mixed up and thus misplaced.

  1. The District’s usage of the gym is compliments of the School District and we must abide by their rules:

**Any child or parent disobeying the above stated rules is subject to removal from the gym and program.

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