Xiv. International Festival of Independent and Amateur Theatres

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XIV. International Festival of Independent and Amateur Theatres

APOSTROF, Prague 2012

organized by Theatre LUCERNA, o.s.,

in cooperation with and on the stage of Theatre Na Zábradlí and other Prague theatres

June 30 – July 4, 2012

Deadline for application is January 15, 2012!!!
Information about theatre group

Cross out or delete the inapplicable

Theatre group’s name


Company ID Number


Contact person (function)

Tel. private / work

Mobile phone



About the theatre group: ½ A4

The information about the theatre group (origin, members, genre,..) is to be written on an extra sheet of paper.

Communication language

Obligatory number of participants

Total: of which women: men: couples: actors:

Require accommodation


Preliminary length of stay at the festival

The whole time of the festival YES NO

Three days around your performance YES NO

Celý (The festival will request definite information concerning accommodation, number of participants and arrival/departure dates by March 31, 2012)

Information about production

(If you are offering more productions, use an extra copy of the application)

Author of the play

Name of the play (both in original and English translation)

Directed by



About the production:

The information about the production (origin, synopsis, scene outline, genre,..) is to be written on an extra sheet of paper)

Name of the performers

Length of the production (including the break) in minutes)

Time necessary for preparing the stage (including lighting)

Time necessary for clearing out the stage


YES NO (in minutes: )

Technical requirements:

(clearly indicate the requirement details, where options are offered, cross out the inapplicable)

Lights (number)

Detailed description on an extra form


CD MC minidisk DAT micro-ports (number)

microphones (number)

Width of the scene (in meters)

Depth of the scene

Height of the scene

Number of fly bars (rods)



Extra requirements for seating and scene arrangement

Is the production adjustable/adaptable to festival scenes? (see.: attached stage plans)


We need to borrow

Open fire on the scene


Smoking on the scene




Important information for the applicants:

This supplement is the inseparable part of the application. By signing it you acknowledge acceptance of next festival rules:

  • Presumed term of the festival is June 30 – July 4, 2012. The festival reserves the right to change the realising or length of the festival by March 31, 2012 in dependence on acquired finances.

  • The festival prioritizes the theatre groups which will actively participate throughout the whole course of the festival.

  • All the post mail correspondence is to be sent by January 15, 2012 exclusively to the following address:

  • Festival APOSTROF, Anenské nám. 5, 115 33 Prague 1, Czech Rep., Europe

  • Email: production@apostrof.org

The Festival commits to:

  1. Inform the theatre group about the definite terms of the festival within March 31, 2012.

  2. Grant the theatre group the possibility to perform on one of the most prominent Prague scenes.

  3. Grant the theatre group the possibility to aspire for a unique Award for the most successful performance among the audience

  4. Grant the free board (food) for max. 10 people during the days of the festival

  5. Provide free access to all the events of the main programme and off-programme.

  6. Provide free access to theatre workshops lectured by Czech and international instructors

  7. Provide a free hostel* accommodation for max. 10 people during the festival days (hostels of decent quality, 2-bed rooms or multiple-bed rooms)

Festival is not able to:

  1. Finance the travel expenses, including insurance, nor salary for the performance

  2. Finance the accommodation expenses for more than 10 group members, and longer than the duration of the festival. Extra expenses for the stay of the participants exceeding the limit of 10 is paid for by the theatre group (600 CZK/25 € per person per day)

  1. The number of co-travelling guests, for whom the theatre group is requiring accommodation, needs to be consulted with the production of the festival in advance.

The Theatre group commits to:

  1. To send in by January 15, 2012 (at the latest) the materials necessary for selecting production for the festival programme for Czech and English version of the festival catalogue and for propagation as follows:

1.1 By post to the address: Festival APOSTROF, Anenské nám. 5, 115 33 Prague 1, Czech Rep., Europe

CD/DVD (media which will be not asked for return, will be stored in the festival archive)

Completed application form with the signature of the theatre group director and an official stamp.

(Theatre groups will bring with them 2 posters and program hand-outs for their production

1.2. Email to this address: production@apostrof.org

in Czech and English version:

- completed form with the information about

- brief information about the theatre group (approximately ½ A4)

- brief information about the production (approximately ½ A4)

- synopsis of the play, or scene outline (important for understanding the play for the international audience – production is performed in the original language)

- names of the actors, casting

- technical requirements

- other requirements directed to the festival organizers

- at least 3 representing photographs from the production in application

  1. Provide in time all the required information materials. Insufficient information may cause theatre group’s problems not only with accommodation or fulfilling technical requirements, but more importantly disqualifying the application from the process of the festival programme selection

  2. Actively participate in the festival events (viewing productions, voting, theatre workshops, discussions)

  3. Provide travel insurance for the group’s participants (also for all outside-Prague participants).

  4. If selected, deliver an appropriate quality of the production, with which the group was invited for participation.

….. ……………………………..

on behalf of the festival:
Akram Staněk

chairman of Theatre LUCERNA, o.s.


  1. The theatre group affirms itself to be a holder of all necessary rights connected with conducting the above mentioned production. The theatre group commits to stand the loss, which might ensue as a result of the breach of rights.

  2. The theatre group takes due note of low-budget nature of the festival and affirms that it will not claim reimbursements other than the ones stated above.

  3. The theatre group affirms to agree and officially accepts the herein stated conditions of festival participation.

In ……………………., Date ……………..


On behalf of the theatre group: Stamp and signature of the theatre director

Postal address: Theatre Na Zabradlí, Anenské nám.5, CZ11533, Prague 1, Czech Rep., Europe

Phones: +420 773 226 170 (Akram Stanek), +420 731 608 723 (Petr Hyka), +420 603 461 917 (Marie Fiserova)

E-mails: production@apostrof.org., mariefiser@gmail.com, akram.stanek@seznam.cz,

http://apostrof.webnode.cz or http://apostrof.org

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