Wsb 1212 Update Procedures

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WSB 1212 Update Procedures
Before you can update a 12-12 controller you have determine what version you have. Which version you currently are running will determine which update you will use. You will need a USB Flash Drive. You will need to download a few files from the Internet (address below). These files are compressed using PKZIP. You will need to extract the files from the zip file and copy them to a folder named “maguire” on the USB drive.

Before applying an update to the 12-12 controller, disconnect all communication cables including both Ethernet and Serial.

  1. Turn the controller ON. Upon startup of the controller, observe the version number. It will say following below “Maguire Products Inc.”:

    V= G * * * * * /N

    The stars will be your version. This is a date. G is 2007 followed by the month (01 through 12), day (01 through 31), release on that day (“a” first release, “b” second release, etc). /N is Network Support.

    If your version number is PRIOR TO and INCLUDING G0913A/N go to step 2 below.

    If your version number comes AFTER G0913A/N go to step 3 below.

  2. FOR CONTROLLERS PRIOR TO G0913A. Download the following files:

    Unzip this files and copy the contents to a folder named “maguire” on the USB drive. You should have these files on the drive: NETUPDT6.bin and UPDATER3.BIN

*** IMPORTANT *** When updating a G0913A/N and prior version controller, you must do this 94 NET update first, before applying any software updates using 93. Applying later software using 93 to a G0913A/N or prior controller will disable the controller.

    1. Plug the USB Drive into your controller. Wait for the USB drive LED to stop flashing.

    2. Press 94 NOTE: The WSB should NOT display the current version of the NET Driver.

    3. The display should say NETUPDT6.bin. Press to load NETUPDT6.
      The controller will go through several steps to apply the update. When prompted, press a key to restart the NET. After the controller restarts,
      wait for the USB drive LED to stop flashing before continuing any further updates.

FOR CONTROLLERS ON OR AFTER G0913A. Download the file located in the following public folder:
Read the included instructions within this ZIP file.
If the current version zip file is not available for download, contact Maguire Products Inc. for assistance.

For technical support contact:
Maguire Products Inc.

11 Crozerville Road

Aston, PA 19014
Tel: 610-459-4300 x148

Fax: 610-459-2700



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