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Ms. Ruth Toribio López-Cano

Nationality: Spanish

Address: 9C Agias Zonis, 2046, Strovolos (Nicosia)

Tel.: 00357-96845791


2007-present Freelance translator

Greek and English into Spanish and vice versa.

  • External translator for Press and Information Office (PIO), Nicosia, Cyprus (

Areas of expertise: Financial, education, medical, legal and notarial documents, tourism, environment, marriage and birth certificates, etc.

Some clients I have translated for through PIO are:

  • The Ministry of Justice and Public Order (Cyprus)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Cyprus)

  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (Cyprus)

  • The Mexican Ministry of Defence

  • The Spanish Embassy in Cyprus

  • The Cuban Embassy in Cyprus

  • Chrysses Demetriades & Co LLC

  • Chrysis Demetriades & Co LLC

  • Demosthenous & Co

  • Dinos Papadopoulos & Co LLC

  • K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC

  • M&O Abogados

  • Palriana Holdings

  • Fiduserve

  • Demophorious

  • Remedica

  • NETinfo

  • Alpha Bank

  • ATFA (Asociación de Técnicos del Fútbol Argentino)

  • AFA (Asociación de Fútbol Argentino)

  • Louis Cruises

In June 2009 I passed the official exams held by PIO.

  • I have also translated for:

  • Hay House

  • Anorthosis Famagusta F.C.

  • Kafson Solar Systems

  • Thomas Cat Litter

  • Taky

  • Benenzon Centre of Music-Psycho-Therapy (Cyprus)

  • Supreme Council 33º of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Cyprus

  • Asociación RETO

2007-present Teacher of Spanish

Κρατικά Ινστιτούτα Επιμόρφωσης - State Institutes of Further Education

  • Levels: 1st (A1-A2), 2nd (A2), 3rd (B1), 4th (B1+), 5th (B2-B2+).

2007-present Teacher of Spanish

European University Cyprus

        • SPA 101 / 102: Introduction to Spanish (A1-A2)

        • SPA 201 / 202: Intermediate Spanish (B1-B1+)

2009 (January- June) Teacher of Commercial Spanish

TMG Meat Trading Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus
2004-2006 Public High School Teacher

I.E.S. Carlos Bousoño, Majadahonda, Madrid (2005-2006)

I.E.S. Virgen de la Paz, Alcobendas, Madrid (2004-2006)

Other professions:
2007 (March-July) Temporary consultant.

UNVolunteers, Cyprus.

  • I was responsible of preselecting the volunteer candidates and entering their data in the UN rosters. I was also in charge of updating the rosters and handling the candidades’ enquiries.

2001-2002 Tour Coordinator in Italy and the Côte d’Azur (France)

Panavisión S.A.

  • Booking hotels, restaurants, special events and any other services needed in order for the company’s customers to enjoy their holidays; dealing promptly and tactfully with customer’s complaints; arranging daily programs of visits at sights / museums as well as monitoring arrival and departure time at each destination so the whole trip would run as per schedule.

2011-to present: Degree in Spanish Language and Literature

UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, España)

(Currently studying to attain diploma)
2001- 2003 Master’s Degree in Classical Philology (A grade)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2001 Degree in Classical Philology (grade: A with honours)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Spanish: Mother tongue

Greek: Proficiency level (Certificate of Very Good Knowledge of Greek Language of the Ministry of Education & Culture of Cyprus and Certificate of Attainment in Greek of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece)
English: Proficiency level (Certificate of Attainment of the Higher Stage -Certificado de Aptitud del Ciclo Superior- of the Spanish Official School of Languages).
French: Intermediate level (Certificate of Attainment of the Basic Stage –Certificado del Ciclo Elemental- of the Spanish Official School of Languages).

Italian: Intermediate level

Turkish: currently taken lessons. Elementary level.
Very good knowledge of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, Office (80 typing words per minute) and Internet.
2005 Speech at the XI Spanish Congress of Classical Studies in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
2005 Publication: “The latin declension of Greek anthroponyms in –es: Syntuches, a Hispanic hapax”, in Actas del XI Congreso Español de Estudios Clásicos / coord. por Antonio Alvar Ezquerra, Vol. 2, 2005, ISBN 84-689-3892-0, pgs. 145-154.
2002-2004 University Staff Training Scholarship (MECD-UAM) for the achievement of the doctoral project “The Study and Analysis of the Proper Names with Greek Origin from Hispania”.
Sept-Dec 2002 Scholarship at the University of Cyprus as a complement of the above

& July –Dec 2003 mentioned scholarship, where I participated in the seminars of Professor Anna Panayiotou-Triantaphillopoulou.

2002 2nd National Prize of University Studies for the academic year 2000-2001, Spain (MECD)

Traveling, Photography, Snow ski.

Available upon request.

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