Women’s and Gender Studies 313: Fieldwork in wgst

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Women’s and Gender Studies 313: Fieldwork in WGST

This is a supervised, independent fieldwork project resulting in a research paper, documentary policy initiative, creative arts presentation, or other research product approved by the student’s advisor. This project, developed in conjunction with the student’s advisor, will have a significant experiential component focusing on women’s lives. Students are required to spend either the summer before their senior year or the first semester of their senior year gathering data on a topic of their choice. Topics should be part of the student’s area of concentration. Students may (1) work in an organization, (2) work with activists or policy makers on social change issues or social policy issues, (3) design their own fieldwork experience.

Prerequisite: Open to majors and minors only

Semester: Fall, Spring. Unit: 1.0

Students should notify the Women’s and Gender Studies Department by May 1st of their junior year (via the department’s 1-page proposal) of their intention to pursue WGST 313 in fulfillment of their senior capstone requirement.
The purpose of WGST 313 is to provide students with an experiential opportunity to conduct original qualitative or quantitative research on a topic of their choice. The department highly recommends that students use the summer before their senior year to conduct their fieldwork and use the fall semester to write up their results. (Note: It is possible for students to conduct fieldwork and write up their results within one semester). While conducting their fieldwork, students must work under the supervision and guidance of their advisor.
Once the fieldwork is completed, students are expected to write up their database of material and turn it into one of several approved formats: a standard research paper (which must include a literature review, methodology section, and bibliography), a policy initiative, or produce an original creative work. Note: students who opt for the latter two formats must also write up a short, formal description of their project together with a description of the methodology used in their fieldwork.
Students who have opted to produce creative work to document their fieldwork have done the following: created a play based on interviews conducted with a group of women and men who were dealing with a variety of eating disorders and body-image issues; produced photographs using dark-room technology and assembled a captioned photo-collage essay on the lives of women in Hong Kong; and produced an educational, interactive website for international feminist performance artists.

Women’s and Gender Studies 313: Fieldwork in WGST

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