Winners of the World Bank Grant Competition 2009 under the Civil Society Social Development Fund

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Winners of the World Bank Grant Competition 2009

under the Civil Society Social Development Fund (formerly known as World Bank Small Grants Program, further on - CSF)


Brief Project Description


Public Foundation “Delovaya Perspectiva”,

Ust-Kamenogorsk City

Project: “Our Country is Our Home”

Objective: Building up local citizens’ capacity in adjusting of their social and economic activities to create a better social and ecologic environment.


Kzylorda Branch of Foundation «AGRINAS»,


Project: “Positive Change in Villages Through Women’s Groups”

Objective: Undertaking activities aimed at empowering village women to make positive changes in their villages and families.


Public Foundation “Angel”, Akmola Oblast, Atbasar

Project: “Development of Social Activity of Rural Citizens of Three Districts of Akmola Oblast”

Objective: Introduction of civil society participation mechanisms and facilitating development of social activities of population in three districts of Akmola Oblast.


Public Foundation of Disabled People “Erlik”,

Almaty Oblast, Taldykorgan

Project: “Training for Organizations of Disabled People on Social Projects Drafting, Fundraising and Applicable Legislation”

Objective: Organization of seminars and trainings for disabled people and organizations on social projects drafting, fundraising, and applicable legislation.


Gender Information and Analysis Center (GIAC),

Karaganda City

Project: “Women in Rural Governance – Leadership Skills”

Objective: Creating favorable environment for women to participate in the management and economic spheres of rural life.


Public Association of Youth “KASIET”,

Shymkent City

Project: “Development and Realization of Youth Capacities in Social Problems’ addressing program“

Objective: Development of youth capacities in managing social projects; development and facilitation of youth initiatives and youth engagement in social practices.


Public Foundation “Pomosh”,

Kostanai City

Project: “Training and Capacity Building for Rural and Young CSOs of Kostanai Oblast”

Objective: Facilitate participation of rural and young CSOs in the civil society development in Kostanai Oblast through project implementation and management trainings.


Public Foundation “Raduga” of Mothers with Disabled Children,

Kostanai City

Project: “Alternative Model of Social rehabilitation “A Special Child””

Objective: Development of an alternative model of social rehabilitation for disabled children through activization of their mothers in Kostanai Oblast


Public Foundation “SAD,

Astana City

Project: “World Needs Me, I Need a Family”

Objective: Participation in legislative activities and promoting interests of the target group through development of recommendations and comments to the state regulations on social standards.

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