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No. 909


ADOPTED: February 3, 2003
REVISED: October 3, 2011






1. Purpose

It is the policy of the Board that school district officials and municipal officials maintain a close and harmonious association. Such liaison is requisite for dealing with school/community concerns and issues in a satisfactory manner while assuring prudent expenditure of tax dollars.

2. Authority

PA Const.

Art. III Sec. 14

The Board recognizes that its authority derives directly from the General Assembly, but it also is aware that the municipality and the school district must work together for the welfare of the residents.

The Board, as an independent body, has no statutory relationship to other local governmental bodies. However, the Board may cooperate with local government units and other appropriate organizations in matters that affect district responsibilities. Such organizations may include, but not be limited to, health agencies, public libraries, museums, police and fire departments, township supervisors, borough council, planning commissions and the courts.

In matters affecting the budgets of such agencies, the Board shall neither seek special consideration nor assume costs that properly fall outside its jurisdiction, except as prescribed by law.

SC 502, 521, 706,

775, 790

The Board advocates joint expenditures of district and municipal or county funds to provide facilities from which the entire community may derive benefits. In accordance with this policy, the Board may, as either opportunity or need arises, and as it is entitled to do by law, enter into joint action agreement with the local municipal governing body in acquiring or leasing, improving, equipping, operating or maintaining such jointly used facilities.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

SC 1302.1-A, 1303-A

The Superintendent and each local police department that has jurisdiction over school property shall enter into a memorandum of understanding which shall be developed and executed in accordance with the state regulations.

To maintain cooperation with the municipality for fiscal and facilities planning, the Board or its member representative will meet periodically with municipal officials to discuss issues of common interest.

Pennsylvania Constitution – PA Const. Art. III Sec. 14
School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 502, 521, 706, 775, 790, 1302.1-A, 1303-A
Board Policy – 613

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