William Murdock (James Watt's assistant) lights his home with coal gas

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1708: Jethro Tull's mechanical (seed) sower permits large-scale planting in rows, for easier cultivation between the rows.

1709: Abraham Darby uses coke to smelt iron ore, replacing wood and charcoal as fuel.

1712: Thomas Newcomen builds first commercially successful steam engine. Able to keep deep coal mines clear of water. First significant power source other than wind and water.

1761: James Brindley's Bridgewater Canal opens. Barges carry coal from Worsley to Manchester.

1769: James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny, automating weaving the warp (in the weaving of cloth).

1772: Bridgewater Canal extended to the Mersey, thus connecting with Liverpool. Its success kicks off extensive canal construction ("canal mania").

1775: James Watt's first efficient steam engine, much more efficient than the Newcomen. 

1779: First steam powered mills. Crompton's "mule" combines Hargreaves' and Arkwright's machines, fully automating the weaving process.

1792: William Murdock (James Watt's assistant) lights his home with coal gas.

1801: Robert Trevithick demonstrates a steam locomotive.

1807: Robert Fulton's Clermont is the first successful steamboat.

1821: Faraday demonstrates electro-magnetic rotation, the principle of the electric motor.

1826: Brunel builds the first tunnel that goes underneath water; it was dug under the Thames.

1831: Faraday discovers electro-magnetic current, making possible generators and electric engines.

1834: Fox Talbot produces photographs.

1837: Morse develops the telegraph and Morse Code. 

1852: The First flushing Public Toilet is opened in London.

1857: Toilet paper is invented.

1858: First Trans-Atlantic Cable completed. These meant that electronic messages could be sent from England to America.

1859: Lenoir demonstrates the first successful petrol engine.

1867: Alfred Nobel produces dynamite, the first high explosive which can be safely handled.

1876: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

1878: The Microphone is invented.

1879: Edison invents the electric light bulb.

1884: Maxim invents the machine gun.

1885: Benz develops first automobile to run on internal- combustion engine.

1888: Hertz produces radio waves.

1901: Marconi transmits first trans-Atlantic radio message (from Cape Cod).

1903: Wright brothers make first powered flight.

1911: Bradford jewellers make The FA Cup. Later that year, Bradford City win the FA Cup.

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