William bristow (1747-1792/3), who married margaret powell, daughter of william, jr

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For a number of years, there has been some controversy over who the

parents were of the WILLIAM BRISTOW (1747-1792/3), who married MARGARET


researchers, in the past, have tried to connect him, as a son, of JOHN

BRISTOW, son of THOMAS BRISTOW, who resided in that area of Stafford

Co., which became Prince William Co., in Virginia. Some researchers

have listed him as a son of JEDEDIAH BRISTOW. However, more recent

evidence has emerged in the records that strongly indicate that he was

most likely the son of JOHN BRISTOW, the eldest son of NICHOLAS and

The BRISTOW family has been rich in family traditions, which have

been passed down through many generations. One of the earliest

traditions is the one about JOHN BRISTOW being found, wandering in the

Colony (Lancaster Co.), in 1663, and, because he could offer no good

reason for his being there, he was made an indentured servant for seven

years. Another well-known tradition was revealed by JOSEPH LITTLE

BRISTOW, a U. S. Senator from Kansas, around the turn of the century:

"JOHN BRISTOW ran away from home in Middlesex County, at age 16, in

1737, and went to live with friends or near relatives in or near

Stafford County." Both of these traditions have been studied and

discussed by some of the most prominent researchers of the family,

namely John Walton (The Bristows In American Government), M. E.

BRISTOW, Julia J. Bristow (Bristow-Douglas), and Andrew M. Bristow.

Julia J. Bristow even went so far as to add the reason for John's

running away from home was because his father had died and his mother

married again, but, as far as I know, she never offered any evidence to

prove or support this statement. It is, therefore, the purpose of this

document to offer hypotheses, based on actual documented facts, to

establish once and for all the relationship of the WILLIAM BRISTOW

(1747-1792/3), who married MARGARET POWELL, to the BRISTOW family of

Middlesex County, Virginia.
JOHN BRISTOW (ca. 1649-1716)
I. JOHN BRISTOW was born ca. 1649, in England; died in 1716, in

Middlesex Co., Virginia; married (1st) MICHAL NICHOLS,

daughter of JOHN NICHOLS, and, after her death, (2nd) MARY

(GOODLOE) CARTER, widow of William Carter and daughter of

George and Mary Goodloe, 8 January 1711, in Christ Church

Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia.

A. JOHANNAH BRISTOW - baptized 6 May 1680.

B. WILLIAM BRISTOW - baptized 29 October 1682.

C. MICHAL BRISTOW - baptized 15 February 1684/5.

D. THOMAS BRISTOW - baptized 12 June 1687.

E. ELIZABETH BRISTOW - baptized 6 July 1690.

F. SARAH BRISTOW - baptized 13 March 1691/2.

G. JAMES BRISTOW - born ca. 1693.
- 1 -

- 2 -
H. NICHOLAS BRISTOW - baptized 17 June 1694.

I. ANNE BRISTOW - no birth record, but she was named in her

father's will.

J. JEDEDIAH BRISTOW - born 10 August 1713.

K. MARY BRISTOW - born 15 August 1715.

L. CHICHESTER BRISTOW - no birth record, but named with Mary

as "infants of Mary Bristow their guardian," in a court

order, dated 1 July 1718.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
THOMAS BRISTOW (1687-1759)
II. D. THOMAS BRISTOW was baptized 12 June 1687, in Christ Church

Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia; died in 1758, in Prince

William Co., Virginia; married CATHERINE WORTLEY, 1 May 1711,

in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia.

1. MARY BRISTOW - born 1 May 1713, Middlesex Co., Va.

2. JOHN BRISTOW - born 4 December 1715, Middlesex Co., Va.;

died 19 November 1726, Richmond Co., Va.

3. KATHERINE BRISTOW - born 26 Jan. 1728, Richmond Co., Va.

4. MICHAL BRISTOW - born 9 Nov. 1731, Richmond Co., Va.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
II. H. NICHOLAS BRISTOW was baptized 17 June 1694, in Christ Church

Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia; died 27 January 1734, in

Middlesex Co., Virginia; married MARY GARDNER, 27 June 1717,

in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia. MARY GARDNER

was born 22 September 1699, in Middlesex Co., Virginia,

daugher of William and Ann Gardner; married (2nd) RANDOLPH

RHODES, 15 May 1737, in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co.,

Virginia. RANDOLPH RHODES died ca. 1747.

1. ANNE BRISTOW - born 26 Apr. 1719, Middlesex Co., Va.

2. JOHN BRISTOW - born 25 June 1721, Middlesex Co., Va.

3. JEMIMA BRISTOW - born 30 Jan. 1723, Middlesex Co., Va.

died 13 Oct. 1725, Middlesex Co., Va.

4. WILLIAM BRISTOW - born 2 Nov. 1726, Middlesex Co., Va.

5. SAMUEL BRISTOW - born 27 Mar. 1730, Middlesex Co., Va.

6. HANNAH BRISTOW - born 9 Jan. 1732, Middlesex Co., Va.;

died 10 Mar. 1746/7, Middlesex Co., Va.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

- 3 -
II. J. JEDEDIAH BRISTOW was born 10 August 1713, in Middlesex Co.,

Virginia; married (1st) CATHERINE THOMPSON, and (2nd) Eleanor

1. THOMPSON BRISTOW - born 14 Dec. 1741, Middlesex Co., Va.

2. JAMES BRISTOW - born 28 Sept. 1751, Middlesex Co., Va.

3. BENJAMIN BRISTOW - born 19 May 1755, New Kent Co., Va.

4. WILLIAM BRISTOW - born 1 Mar. 1758, New Kent Co., Va.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
JOHN BRISTOW (1715-1726)

4 December 1715, in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia; died, at age 11, 19 December 1726, in Richmond Co., Virginia.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
JOHN BRISTOW (1721-1801)
III. H. 2. JOHN BRISTOW (son of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW) was born 25 June

1721, in Christ Church Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia; died in

in 1801, in Tazewell Co., Virginia; married (1st) MARY ______,

and (2nd) ELIZABETH ______.

a. WILLIAM BRISTOW - born 6 Oct. 1747, in Middlesex Co., Va.

b. JAMES BRISTOW - born in 1752.

c. ISAAC BRISTOW - no birth record, but named in father's will.

d. JOHN BRISTOW, JR. - born 32 Jan. 1770.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
WILLIAM BRISTOW (1747-1792/3)
IV. H. 2. a. WILLIAM BRISTOW was born 6 October 1747, in Christ Church Parish,

Middlesex Co., Virginia; died ca. 1792/3, in Patrick Co.,

Virginia; married MARGARET POWELL, ca. 1767, in Loudoun/or Prince

William Co., Virginia.

i. BENJAMIN W. BRISTOW - born ca. 1768.

ii. WILLIAM BRISTOW, JR. - born 5 Feb. 1771.

iii. THOMAS BRISTOW - born ca. 1775/6.

- 4 -
iv. PEYTON BRISTOW - born 29 Aug. 1778.

v. JAMES BRISTOW = born ca. 1780.

vi. LEVEN/LEVIN BRISTOW - born 6 Apr. 1783.

vii. JASPER BRISTOW - born ca. 1784.

viii. HENRY BRISTOW - born ca. 1786.

ix. NANCY BRISTOW - born 17 April 1789.

x. MARGARET BRISTOW (?) - born 8 Nov. 1791.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
12 June 1687 THOMAS BRISTOW was born, son of JOHN and MICHAL BRISTOW.

17 June 1694 NICHOLAS BRISTOW was born, son of JOHN and MICHAL BRISTOW.


1 May 1713 MARY BRISTOW was born, dau. of THOMAS and CATHERINE BRISTOW.

10 Aug. 1713 JEDEDIAH BRISTOW was born, son of JOHN and MARY BRISTOW.

9 Nov. 1715 JOHN BRISTOW was born, son of THOMAS and CATHERINE BRISTOW.

10 Oct. 1716 JOHN BRISTOW died.

26 Apr. 1719 ANNE BRISTOW was born, dau. of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

23 Sept. 1719 ANNE BRISTOW died. [dau. of John or Nicholas ?]

25 June 1721 JOHN BRISTOW was born, son of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

30 Jan. 1723 JEMIMA BRISTOW was born, dau. of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

13 Oct. 1725 JEMIMA BRISTOW, dau. of THOMAS and MARY BRISTOW, died.

2 Nov. 1726 WILLIAM BRISTOW was born, son of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

19 Nov. 1726 JOHN BRISTOW, son of THOMAS and KATHERINE BRISTOW, died.

26 Jan. 1728 KATHERINE BRISTOW was born, dau. of THOMAS and KATHERINE


27 Mar. 1730 SAMUEL BRISTOW was born, son of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

9 Nov. 1731 MICHAL BRISTOW was born, dau. of THOMAS and KATHERINE


9 Jan. 1732 HANNAH BRISTOW was born, dau. of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW.

27 Jan. 1734 NICHOLAS BRISTOW died.

6 May 1735 MARY BRISTOW, administratrix of NICHOLAS BRISTOW, decd.



1737 "JOHN BRISTOW ran away from home in Middlesex Co., at age 16,

and went to live with friends or near relatives in Stafford


15 Mar. 1738 THOLOMIAH RHODES was born, son of RANDOLPH and MARY RHODES.

18 Feb. 1739/40 RANDOLPH RHODES was born, son of RANDOLPH and MARY RHODES.

1740 Tithables in Prince William Co., Va.: BENJAMIN BRISTOR, JOHN BRISTOR, and THOMAS BRISTOR.

7 Oct. 1740 Inventory of NICHOLAS BRISTOW, dec.d. [Mentions widow and

five children]. Also, settlement of his estate, Middlesex

Co., Virginia.


16 Dec. 1741 CATHERINE BRISTOW died.

16 June 1743 ANN RHODES was born, dau. of RANDOLPH and MARY RHODES.

5 Sept. 1744 MARY BRISTOW died.

6 Nov. 1744 JEDEDIAH BRISTOW named Executor of MARY BRISTOW, decd.

5 June 1746 JEDEDIAH BRISTOW, 400 acres, Goochland Co., Va.

10 Mar. 1746/7 HANNAH BRISTOW, daughter of NICHOLAS and MARY BRISTOW, died.

6 Oct. 1747/8 WILLIAM BRISTOW was born, son of JOHN and MARY BRISTOW.

- 5 -
3 Jan. 1748 Administration of Estate of RANDOLPH RHODES to MARY RHODES.

31 Jan. 1749 Will of WILLIAM GARDNER was written. . . . Three daughters

viz: MARY RHODES, Anne Dye, and Catherine Chowning.

4 Apr. 1749 Inventory of Estate of RANDOLPH RHODES presented by MARY

RHODES. Also, Henry Johnson was named guardian of SARAH


6 June 1749 WILLIAM BRISTOW was named guardian to BENJAMIN RHODES,


ca, 1750/1 MARGARET POWELL was born.

1 Feb. 1751/2 ANTHONY SEALE, Gent., of Prince William Co., 130 acres in

said Co. [He was married to ANNE BRISTOW].

1752 JAMES BRISTOW was born, son of JOHN BRISTOW (1721-1801).

19 May 1755 BENJAMIN BRISTOW was born, son of JEDEDIAH and ELINOR


1 Mar. 1758 WILLIAM BRISTOW was born, son of JEDEDIAH and ELINOR BRISTOW.

26 Nov. 1759 Robert Scott, Administrator of Estate of THOMAS BRISTOW,

decd., in Prince William Co.

1777-1779 WILLIAM BRISTOW paid one tithe to Shelbourne Parish, Loudoun

Co., Virginia, each year from 1777 to 1779.


BRISTOW, in a life lease, from Lord Thomas Fairfax, for land,

which was located partly in Frederick Co. and partly in

Loudoun Co., about where Bluemont is now located, in


5 Nov. 1781 ANTHONY SEALE (married ANNE BRISTOW) died and left a will,

which was filed on this date.

1781-1782 WILLIAM BRISTOW, supposed to be a merchant (tradition), may

have worked for LEVEN POWELL (his brother-in-law), owner of a

"Merchant Mill" near Bluemont and Purcellville, Virginia.

LEVEN sold his mill, ca. 1781/2, and WILLIAM moved, in 1782,

to that part of Henry Co. which became Patrick Co., Virginia,

ca. 1790/1.

1782-1787 VIRGINIA TAX PAYERS (Fothergill & Naugle):




Dinwiddie Co. - JOHN BRISTOE.

James City Co. - THOMAS BRISTOR.


1783-1790 Prince William Co., Virginia Tithables:

JOHN BRISTOW paid one tithe each year, from 1783 to 1790.

THOMAS BRISTOW paid one tithe each year, from 1783 to 1788.

1787 BENJAMIN BRISTOW (over 21) paid tax in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

ca. 1788-1789 BENJAMIN BRISTOW paid taxes on 104 acres of land in Henry Co.


1790-1791 Patrick Co. was carved from Henry Co., in Virginia, and

listed among the tithables at that time were:

JOHN BRISTOW - one tithe (10 slaves).

JOHN BRISTOW - one tithe (1 slave).

WILLIAM BRISTOW - 1790: one tithe (no slaves);

1791: three tithes.

ca. 1792 WILLIAM BRISTOW died in Patrick Co., Virginia.

1792-1795 MARGARET BRISTOW paid three tithes, each year, in Patrick Co.

1794 BENJAMIN BRISTOW died and left a will in Prince William Co.;

left all of his estate to his son-in-law, WILLIAM FEAGAN.

- 6 -

THOMAS BRISTOW removed from Middlesex County, Virginia and migrated northward, sometime between 1715 qnd 1726, after his daughter- MARY was born in Middlesex County, in 1713, and resided in Richmond County for a few years. The register of North Farnham Parish, in Richmond County, shows that his son- JOHN died there, at the age of eleven, in 1726, and two daughters, KATHERINE and MICHAL, were born there in 1728 and 1731, respectively. Then, sometime between 1731 and 1736, he took his family and moved further northward through Westmoreland and King George counties to that part of Stafford County, which became Prince William County, in 1730/1. Court records show that he had arrived in Prince William County as early as 1736/7. There is no record of his owning land there and it appears that he may have rented the land he lived on, as one record shows that he made several payments of rent to the Wansford Arrington orphans, in 1736-1737. Court records also show that he had apparently died by November 26, 1759, when Robert Scott was appointed administrator of THOMAS BRISTOW's estate.
NICHOLAS BRISTOW and his family remained in Middlesex County. There were six children born to his marriage with MARY GARDNER. The eldest child, ANNE, was born April 26, 1719 and she may have been the ANNE, who died a few months later on September 23, 1719. However, NICHOLAS also had a sister named ANNE and it seems quite possible that she may have been the one who died. His second daughter, JEMIMA, died before she was three years old, on October 13, 1725. The Register of Christ Church Parish shows that he died, at age 40 years, on January 27, 1734. A few years later, when the Inventory of his estate was submitted, on October 7, 1740, there was mention of his "widow and 5 children." If his daughters, ANNE and JEMIMA, had both preceded him in death, then there would have been only four children left. Therefore, it is presumed that his oldest daughter- ANNE had not died and survived him; and she may have been the one who married ANTHONY SEAL and moved to Prince William County.
His widow, MARY BRISTOW, married again, to her second husband- RANDOLPH RHODES, on May 15, 1737, in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County. He was a widower with three children, ranging in age from two to 14, by a previous marriage. Then, she and Mr. Rhodes had three more children of their own. RANDOLPH RHODES died ca. 1747, as MARY RHODES was appointed executrix of his estate on January 3, 1748, in Middlesex County. After his death, his widow- MARY apparently had no desire to raise her stepchildren, born to his first wife- SARAH, so she had them placed in other homes. On April 4, 1749, MARY RHODES appeared in court and presented the Inventory of RANDOLPH RHODES' Estate. On the same date, Henry Johnson was appointed guardian of SARAH RHODES, orphan of RANDOLPH RHODES. Two months later, on June 6, 1749, the court appointed WILLIAM BRISTOW as guardian of BENJAMIN RHODES, orphan of RANDOLPH RHODES.
After NICHOLAS BRISTOW died, in 1734, his eldest son- JOHN probably considered himself the man of the house, even though he was only 13 years old at the time of his father's death. Nevertheless, during those three years that followed, until he was 16 years old, he most likely assisted his mother in many ways with household chores and caring for his younger siblings. Then, in 1737, his mother married again and he now had to compete with a stepfather for the man of the house title, plus the fact that this new stepfather brought three

- 7 -
more children with him, which probably added to the sibling rivalry. The final straw must have been when JOHN learned of his mother's pregnancy, shortly after the marriage. He had ample reason to run away from home, but where would he go. His Uncle THOMAS had moved away to another county, when JOHN was yet an infant, and was by then living in Prince William County. There was also a near relative (sister/or aunt ?), ANNE BRISTOW, who married ANTHONY SEAL and moved to Prince William County. However, there is also the possibility that JOHN's oldest sister, ANNE [then 18 years old], may have left home with him and went to Prince William County. UNCLE THOMAS's son- JOHN had died eleven years earlier, shortly after removing from Middlesex County, so he would probably have welcomed his nephew- JOHN into his household with open arms.

It seems quite likely that THOMAS and KATHERINE (WORTLEY) BRISTOW had other children, besides the ones already listed. There was a time span of 13 years between the births of JOHN (1715) and KATHERINE (1728). THOMAS BRISTOW died in 1759, in Prince William County. Yet, 25 years later, there was another THOMAS BRISTOW listed among those tithed in Prince William County, from 1783 to 1788.

HENRY BRISTOW, of Prince William Co. was a soldier, in 1754, in Capt. George Mercer's Company, under George Washington, in the Battle of the Great Meadow.

JOHN BRISTOW, on the tithing list from 1783 to 1790, was probably THOMAS's nephew, son of NICHOLAS BRISTOW. There was also a BENJAMIN BRISTOW, who left his will in Prince William County, in 1794, naming his son-in-law, WILLIAM FEAGAN, as sole heir to his estate; perhaps, this BENJAMIN was another son of THOMAS and KATHERINE (WORTLEY) BRISTOW. Then, there was a WILLIAM BRISTOW, who

obtained a life-lease for land in Frederick County, from Lord Thomas Fairfax, in 1779, and named two of his sons, BENJAMIN and THOMAS BRISTOW, in the lease. He may have been the WILLIAM BRISTOW, who married MARGARET POWELL, but his father may have been any one of the following three men: THOMAS (1687-1759), JOHN (1721-1801), or NICHOLAS (1694-1734). NICHOLAS BRISTOW had a younger son, named WILLIAM (born 1726), who may have followed his brother JOHN (born 1721) to Prince William County, a few years later.

According to at least one family historian, or perhaps family tradition, the WILLIAM BRISTOW, who married MARGARET POWELL, was born in Westmoreland Coiunty,

in 1747. Westmoreland County was created in 1653, from part of Northumberland

County, and Stafford County was created in 1664, from part of Westmoreland County. MARGARET POWELL's maternal ancestors, the PEYTONs resided in Westmoreland County. Lancaster County was created in 1651, from part of Northumberland County, but also included part of York County. Then, in 1673, Middlesex County was carved from Lancaster County. King George County was created in 1720/1, from parts of Richmond and Westmoreland counties, and about ten years later, in 1730/1, Prince William County was carved from parts of King George and Stafford counties. Now, all of these counties lie in the same general area and any one of them could have been included on the travel route between Middlesex and Stafford/or Prince William County. We already know that THOMAS BRISTOW spent some time in Richmond County, before finally settling in Prince William County. JOHN BRISTOW ran away from home in Middlesex County, at age 16, in 1737, and went to live with friends of near relatives in Stafford/Prince William County. WILLIAM BRISTOW was born ten years later, in 1747, when JOHN BRISTOW was 26 years old, but how do we know for sure that he was born in Westmoreland County?
It seems quite likely that JOHN BRISTOW may have returned home to Middlesex County, during the period 1745-1750. Several things happened along about that time that may have drawn him back home. His youngest sister, HANNAH BRISTOW

- 8 -
died March 10, 1746/7; and his stepfather, RANDOLPH RHODES, died shortly thereafter. JOHN BRISTOW's mother, MARY RHODES, was appointed by the court to be the executrix of RANDOLPH RHODES' estate, on January 3, 1748; she returned to court, with the Inventory and Appraisement of RANDOLPH RHODES Estate, on

April 4, 1749. On page 286 of "The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia, from 1653 to 1812," appears the following birth record:
"WILLIAM BRISTOW, son of JOHN BRISTOW and MARY his Wife born Octobr. 6th"
and, other birth records just preceding this, show the year to be 1747. Most family records show this to be the year of birth for the WILLIAM BRISTOW, who married MARGARET POWELL. Therefore, it seems quite possible that JOHN BRISTOW and his wife, MARY, returned to his home, in Middlesex County, to be with his family, during that particular period of time, and while visiting there, MARY gave birth to WILLIAM. Another possibility is that WILLIAM was born in Westmoreland County, on the journey home, and his birth was reported to the Clerk or minister of the Vestry there and, thus, was recorded in the Register of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia, while visiting there.
MARGARET POWELL, daughter of WILLIAM, JR. and ELEANOR (PEYTON) POWELL, and wife of WILLIAM BRISTOW (born 1747), died in Johnson County, Indiana, August 27, 1833, at the age of 82, which would place her birthdate at ca. 1751. Their eldest son, BENJAMIN W. BRISTOW, was born ca. 1767/8 and their second son, WILLIAM BRISTOW, JR., was born February 5, 1771, both in Loudoun County, Virginia. How, then, could WILLIAM BRISTOW (born 1758), son of JEDEDIAH BRISTOW, be the one who married MARGARET POWELL, as some family historians have him listed?
According to another family tradition, WILLIAM BRISTOW (born 1747) was a merchant and may have worked for LEVEN (LEVIN ?) POWELL, who owned a merchant mill near Bluemont and Purcellville, in Loudoun County, Virginia. LEVEN/LEVIN POWELL an older brother to MARGARET POWELL and, thus, a brother-in-law to WILLIAM BRISTOW. LEVEN/LEVIN POWELL sold his mill in 1781/2 and WILLIAM BRISTOW moved, in 1782, to that part of Henry County, which became Patrick County, Virginia, in 1790/1. It is interesting to note that Fothergill and Naugle, in their book- "Virginia Tax Payers, 1782-87," list the following in Henry County: "BENJAMIN BRISTOE, JOHN BRISTOE, and WILLIAM BRISTOW," and, in Prince William County: "JOHN BRISTOW and THOMAS BRISTOW." These were names not included in the First Census of the United States (1790), but were names taken from other sources to reconstruct a census for the counties, which were missing in the official U. S. Census. The latter two names, JOHN and THOMAS BRISTOWmay have been found in the tithing list of Prince William County. According to Pedigo, there was a BENJAMIN BRISTOW, who paid taxes on 104 acres of land on Boglington Creek in Henry County, Virginia, ca. 1788/9. Then, ca. 1790/1, when Patrick County was carved from Henry County, the records show JOHN BRISTOW listed twice on the tithing list, while WILLIAM BRISTOW also listed once each year. Beginning in 1792, through 1795, MARGARET BRISTOW paid three tithes each year in Patrick County, indicating that she must have been a widow by 1792, This is the reason for WILLIAM BRISTOW's death date being set at 1791/2.
After WILLIAM BRISTOW's death, MARGARET (POWELL) BRISTOW and some of her children removed from Patrick County, Virginia and went to Kentucky. In 1809/10, some of them migrated northward into Preble County, Ohio. Then, about five years later, on July 20th, 1814, a power of attorney was made, in Adair County, Kentucky, signed by NATHAN CULVER, WILLIAM BRISTOW, and LEVEN BRISTOW,

- 9 -
appointing "Our brother JAMES BRISTOW . . . land in Patrick County, Virginia, . . . (Deed Book 4-440; Ack. Oct. Court of 1817 - Patrick Co., Virginia). This was proven by the oaths of EDWARD BRISTOW and WILLIAM BRISTOW, witnesses, sons of WILLIAM BRISTOW, brother of JAMES BRISTOW. A few months after that, on January 9, 1815, a second power of attorney was made, in Preble County, Ohio, and finished in Shelby County, Kentucky, appointing "our brother" JAMES BRISTOW . . . Patrick County, Virginia, and signed by THOMAS BRISTOW, PEYTON BRISTOW, HENRY BRISTOW, JAMES ATWOOD, all of Preble County, Ohio; JASPER BRISTOW of Shelby County, Kentucky, SARY BRISTOW, widow of BENJAMIN BRISTOW, and her children, JOSEPH LEWIS, JOHN HARRIS, SARAH BRISTOW, JR., and SAMUEL BRISTOW,

heirs of BENJAMIN BRISTOW, deceased, and all legal heirs of WILLIAM BRISTOW, deceased. . . . (Patrick Co., Va. - Deed Book 4, page 446). Finally, at October Court in Patrick County, Virginia, in 1817, "To RICHARD MASSEY from


(Deed Book 5, page 323). Also, the same signers, as above, to Packwood, Ack. in Oct. Court 1817. (Deed Book 5, page 159).

In the meantime, one JOHN BRISTOW (born 1721 ?) claimed, through the Virginia Land Office Treasury and Pre-emption warrants, some 1,600 acres of land in Washington County, Virginia, after 1782. It was situated along "Maiden Spring Fork of Clinch River." He died, ca. 1801-07, at "Pleasant Hill," in Tazewell County, Virginia, leaving a widow, ELIZABETH (probably his second or third wife) and sons- JAMES, ISAAC, and JOHN. His will was written on June 21st, 1801, but was not proven until August 13th, 1807, in Tazewell County, Virginia.

It provided that, after his son- JOHN was to receive 20 pounds and the rest of his estate was to be "equally divided betwixt my four sons, that is to say my wife ELIZABETH and my son JAMES BRISTOW, and my son ISAAC BRISTOW, and my son

JOHN BRISTOW." This provision may just have included the wife for a quarter part of his estate. However, he may have had a fourth son, who preceded him in death, such as the WILLIAM BRISTOW (born 1747), who had died in Patrick County, Virginia, several years earlier, ca. 1792/3. John Walton mentioned, on page 73, that "JOHN, son of NICHOLAS of Middlesex, had a brother WILLIAM, who is not accounted for, and JOHN of Tazewell was associated with a WILLIAM BRISTOW." Perhaps, Walton overlooked the possibility that this WILLIAM BRISTOW may not have been JOHN's brother, but possibly a fourth son, and, perhaps, JOHN's first wife may have been the MARY BRISTOW, who gave birth to a son named WILLIAM in Middlesex County, Virginia, on October 6th, 1747. She may also have been the mother of JOHN's next two sons- JAMES (born 1752) and ISAAC (birthdate unknown). There appears to have been quite a gap between the birthdates of these first three sons and the fourth son- JOHN (born 1770). Therefore, it might be presumed that the first wife- MARY died, during that interim period (1752-1770) and JOHN had married his second wife- ELIZABETH, before 1770.

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