Will of agnes armetstede may 09 1538 borthwick probate 11 folio 298

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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the year of our lord god 1538 the 9th. day of April I agnes armitstede late wife of James armitstede seke in bodie & of good memory & mind thanks be to almighty god make my will as after followeth first I give & bequeath my soul to almighty god & my maker & our lady saint marie & all the saints in heaven & my bodie to be buried in the church of saint alkilde virgin of Giggleswick Also I bequeath to my mortuarie that at right will Item I bequeath to every priest saying mass for me that day I am buried 4d. Also I bequeath to Elizabeth newhouse my b…….. 20 sheep neither of the best nor of the worst one bedd of clothes 2 little braspotts a pane & a (felt) Item I bequeath to Robt.armitstede ….. 20 sheep neither of the best nor of the worst one braspotte 40s. in money & 16s. of lent money in his fathers hands Also I bequeath to John Armitstede my son one cow with a calf Item I bequeath to James Armitstede my son half of all the goods both quick & dead his own goods that he hath received thereof conferred & first to be allowed in his part thereof after conscience if he be so contented & if not then I will he give his own goods & half my quick goods & so to be contented for his portion Residue of all my goods not bequeathed my debts & funerall expenses paid I give & bequeath to Roger armitstede & to hugh armitsede my sons which I make my executors of this my will, to see that it be disposed according to my will for the health of my soul as they will answer for these being witnesses Thomas cokhede Thomas Foster & William husband with other moo

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