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Hopefully the following information will help you target more effectively

Is it men or women?

As with “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music”, the audience for “Sing-a-long-a Abba” consists largely of women (86%). The gay audience for this show has so far been very small (3%) but this is a market worth pursuing.

What ages does it appeal to?

There is a fairly even spread of attenders in their 30s, 40s and 50s, with those in their 20s making up just 16% of the audience. There are minimal “Sing-a-long-a Abba” attenders at either end of the age range (under 20s and 60+). This makes the age ranges very similar for those of regional audiences for “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music”.

Who do they attend with?

Again in common with “SALA Sound of Music”, the biggest group type is women visiting with friends (58%). 30% are women attending with work colleagues and 21% women with members of their family (these categories are often mixed eg family and friends). Men, often dragged along by their women, tend not to visit with colleagues.

All trendy singles isn’t it?

No, more than half the audience (54%) are Married with just 25% Singles. This is higher than for “Sing-along-a Sound of Music”, where only 42% regionally are Married and 37% Single.

So, do they have kids?

Over half the audience (54%) have children (although they are not attending with them). This reflects the age range of attenders. This helps identify the SALA Abba audience as being older women escaping their families more than carefree singles.

What jobs do they do?

The single most-often mentioned occupations were Teacher (7% of total sample) and Secretary/PA (also 7%). “Administration” and Housewives account for a further 4% each. In addition, there is a wide range of professions. What is it about teachers (it is the single-most common occupation for “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music” as well)?

A question of degree

Attenders to “Sing-along-a Abba” are less highly educated than those for “Sing-along-a Sound of Music” (where 41% regionally have university degrees). The figure for Abba is 29%, with 16% educated to A Level, 30% to GCSE/O Level/CSE and 22% holding “professional qualifications”.

What else do they do?

Respondents were asked about four other entertainment forms, in order to assess the cross-over. They were Theatre (which 83% claim to attend regularly), Rock/ pop concerts (45%), Comedy Nights (28%) and Tribute bands other than Abba (15%). 47% say they regularly see events at the same venue they saw “Sing-a-long-a Abba”.

Source: Bubble Chamber Research Survey last updated 2006 – more details on simont@bubblechamber.net


What do they read?

There is a mix of tabloid and broadsheet readers, with a tendency towards the former. The most-read national newspapers are The Daily Mail (27%) and Sunday Mail (23%), followed by Sunday Times (13%), then The Sun and Guardian (both at 11%). 20% regularly read local newspapers (free), 21% local newspapers (paid) and 18% read both types (a total of 59% reading locals).

How do they get there?

76% of attenders travelled to the venue by car. 8% walked, 7% took the bus, and 4% the train.

How far is it worth coming?

22% had travelled less than 3 miles to see the show. 15% said 3-5 miles, 31% said 5-15 miles, 22% said 15-30 miles and 9% more than 30 miles.

About “Sing-a-long-a Abba”

Overall ratings for the show

53% rated the show overall as Excellent with a further 39% saying Very Good (total 92%). 7% said Good and 1% Fair, with nobody saying Poor.

Value for Money rating

As value for money, 42% rated the show as Excellent and 39% Very Good (total 81%). 15% said Good, 3% Fair and 1% Poor. Both sets of ratings were higher than for any collected on “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music”.

How do they hear about it?

Respondents were asked how they had heard about the show. The data gathered indicates that maybe as much as 60% of the audience finds out about it from the venue brochure, meaning that brochure entry is crucial to good houses. Local newspapers account for around 10%, with no other single sources featuring significantly.

About Abba
Is it just Abba fans?

35% described themselves as “Big Abba Fans” with the majority (63%) saying they “like Abba but are not Big Fans”.

Is it the tribute band crowd?

33% of attenders had seen Bjorn Again. 10% had seen Voulez Vous and 16% had seen other Abba tribute bands. 55% had not seen any of the above.

About “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music
89% of “Sing-a-long-a Abba” attenders had heard of “Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music”, although only 34% had seen it. Just over half (54%) were aware that the 2 shows had been presented by the same producers.

Source: Bubble Chamber Research Survey last updates 2006 – more details on simont@bubblechamber.net

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