Wendy k. Rogers

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Junior Biologist

Balk Biological, Inc.


Ms. Rogers’ project experience includes general and sensitive floral and wildlife surveys, vegetation mapping, pest identification and management, construction compliance and restoration monitoring, and environmental document preparation. She has participated in the management and monitoring of lands and species included in the City of San Diego’s Multiple Species Conservation Plan.


  • B.S., Environmental Systems, with emphasis in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, University of California, San Diego (2014)


Junior Biologist, Balk Biological, Inc., Encinitas, CA. September 2014 – present.

  • Biologist, Restoration Site Monitoring, City of Beaumont, Beaumont, CA. October 2014 – present. Perform annual qualitative and quantitative monitoring of restoration site. Monitoring consists of transects, photos and observations of site conditions.

  • Biologist, Construction Compliance Monitoring, Orion Construction, San Diego, CA. September 2014 – present. Coordinate and perform monthly compliance checks at single-family home construction site.

  • Biologist, Enhancement Contract, San Diego Gas & Electric, Escondido, CA. September 2014 – present. Perform regular monitoring of enhancement site in Escondido, California, including plant counts and assessment of site conditions.

  • Biologist, Biological Resources Report, Zbigniew Cabaj, San Diego, CA. September – November 2014. Surveyed for wildlife and mapped vegetation on two adjacent properties using hard-copy field map interpretation and a handheld Trimble GPS unit. Communicated directly with Client regarding specifics of construction plans. Prepared Biological Resources Letter Report from data collected.

  • Biologist, Compliance Contract, San Diego Gas & Electric, Pine Valley, CA. October 2014. Collaborated to complete Preactivity Survey Report (PSR) for the installation of a weather station on Cleveland National Forest (CNF) land. Examined work site and surroundings in order to identify any sensitive resources to communicate to the construction crews.

  • Biologist, Compliance Contract, San Diego Gas & Electric, Campo, CA. September – October 2014. Collaborated to complete two PSRs for the replacement of electrical poles in Campo, California. Examined work sites and surroundings, used a handheld Trimble GPS and field maps to record occurrences of sensitive resources, and communicated recommendations to construction crews.

Management Intern, City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department, Open Space Division

Worked under biologists in field and office environments on all associated projects, including rare plant monitoring (plant counts, GIS mapping, other field work), surveys of local flora and fauna for City management purposes, use of GPS and ArcGIS software to generate maps, creating and formatting reports of study results, and field form data entry. Collaborated as needed with other interns, upper-level biologists, Park Rangers, and other City staff. Wildlife work included California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica) and Least Bell’s vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus), general nesting bird surveys, and recording of CNDDB species including Belding’s orange throated whiptail (Aspidoscelis hyperythra beldingii) and Black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus).

  • Annual Rare Plant Monitoring, San Diego, CA. February – August 2014.

Assisted Senior Biologists with annual monitoring of rare plant sites on City property by: mapping rare plant populations using a handheld Trimble GPS unit, interpreting site suitability, identifying potential management concerns, managing GPS and other field data throughout field season, and preparing the monitoring report when data collection was completed. Monitoring was performed in accordance with San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP) protocol.

Rare plants monitored included the following: San Diego thornmint (Acanthomintha ilicifolia), Nuttall’s acmispon (Acmispon prostratus), San Diego ambrosia (Ambrosia pumila), San Diego goldenstar (Bloomeria clevelandii), Thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia), Orcutt’s brodiaea (Brodiaea orcuttii), Orcutt’s bird’s-beak (Chorizanthe orcuttiana), California snake cholla (Cylindropuntia californica var. californica), Otay tarplant (Deinandra conjugens), Short-leaved dudleya (Dudleya brevifolia), Variegated dudleya (Dudleya variegata), San Diego button celery (Eryngium aristulatum var. parishii), Jennifer’s monardella (Monardella stoneana), Willowy monardella (Monardella viminea), Spreading navarretia (Navarretia fossalis), San Diego mesa mint (Pogogyne abramsii), Otay mesa mint (Pogogyne nudiuscula), and Small-leaved rose (Rosa minutifolia).

Used a handheld Trimble GPS unit to continue process of mapping each oak tree in Marian Bear Natural Park and evaluating potential Gold Spotted Oak Borer (GSOB) infestation. Assessed individual trees for presence and risk of GSOB infestation, managed electronic data and photos, and generated periodic reports for senior-level staff. Reports included GIS maps, data analysis and general interpretation.

  • Park Use Pilot Study, San Diego, CA. June – August 2014.

Tested and utilized pilot protocol for recording recreational use of City of San Diego Open Space Parks. Generated schedule of site visits, conducted site visits and collected data.
Tern-watcher Volunteer, San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego, CA. May – July 2014.

Three hour shifts consisted of monitoring endangered California Least Tern nesting sites in Mission Bay. Responsible for accurately recording occurrences of predators and reporting them to appropriate staff. Required knowledge of survey techniques and identification of local bird and mammal species.

Member/Attendee, San Diego Audubon Society Birding Events, San Diego, CA.

September 11, 2014: Lake Murray

October 25, 2014: Tecolote Canyon
Animal Care Volunteer, Project Wildlife, San Diego, CA. May 2012 – present.

Occasional animal care volunteer/veterinary technician’s assistant: contribute to the care of injured or orphaned native wildlife. Feed and maintain cages of birds of varying types, ages and sensitivities. Responsible for knowing and following medical, emergency and safety protocol. Work independently except when learning new protocol, required to be self-motivated and confident in own abilities. Occasionally work side-by-side with a trained vet tech to give exams, administer medication, feed and care for the animals.

Environmental Systems Senior Research Project, University of California, San Diego and Project Wildlife, San Diego, CA. September 2013 – June 2014.

Performed trend analysis on a selection of Project Wildlife’s patient data from the year 2012, including statistical analysis and GIS mapping, and generated a report. The goal of the study was to identify specific patterns that statistically confirm what has generally been observed at Project Wildlife by the staff and volunteers, including age and bird versus mammal distribution as well as release rates. They also serve as a template for future study, focusing on improving rehabilitation methods, focusing outreach efforts, and securing funding for nonprofit Project Wildlife. Generated deliverables (research paper and symposium poster presentation) at the conclusion of the study period.

BIOL 199 Independent Research Project, University of California Education Abroad Program and Monteverde Institute, Monteverde, Costa Rica. October – December 2012.

Conducted a comparison of health conditions in domestic egg-producing chickens in different living conditions in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Took data -including body and feather condition, hydration level, and parasite presence- on chickens at two different farms and used various statistical methods to analyze it. Authored a full length research paper and presented findings at a public symposium.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Assistant, Pacific GMP, San Diego, CA. February 2013 – February 2014.

Trained in Environmental Monitoring (including air and surface) for entire drug manufacturing facility, and versed in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. Familiar with laboratory safety and cleanliness requirements, including clean room procedures. Performed review and control for documents related to processing, quality assurance/control, receiving and manufacturing. Occasionally performed Quality Control testing, including pH, osmolality, and visual testing. Used office equipment/programs (printer, scanner, Microsoft Office) regularly.

Laboratory Assistant, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) at University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA. April 2011 – September 2012.

Responsible for maintenance of large Neuroscience and microscopy lab on campus. This included ordering supplies, making solutions, restocking supplies and equipment, dishwashing and autoclaving, often intensive administrative duties, and other projects and maintenance as requested. Required to be constantly in communication with scientists and other students in the lab in order to ensure effective function of the lab environment. Strong level of independence and responsibility; only one lab assistant working at one time. Also independently trained new lab assistant at end of working period.

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