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Welcome to Allen County Primary Center. Your child is ready to begin a wonderful year of many exciting opportunities. We are very fortunate to have been able to move in to this extraordinary building during the summer of 1999. Allen County Primary Center is the largest primary school in the state of Kentucky. The school is divided into five pods including areas for preschool, music, music lab, library, art, computers labs and physical education.

Currently at Allen County Primary Center we have thirty-eight regular classrooms divided into Entry (K), Primary 1 (P1), Primary 2 (P2) and Primary 3 (P3) classrooms. We also have a KERA preschool program with sessions all day Monday - Thursday. A tuition-based pre-school is also available for those not meeting KERA preschool guidelines. Tuition-based pre-school is available all day Monday-Friday. Computer labs will be available to our students on a weekly basis. Two reading labs to assist children in reading and a Language for Learning lab to assist children with pre-reading skills are available daily.

Not only do we have various programs offered to the students, we have an excellent, dedicated, and caring staff that will be working with your child. Our staff has been preparing for their students since school ended in May through various workshops and trainings related to math and reading. These trainings and preparation allows ACPC the opportunity to provide our students with the highest level of reading and math instruction possible. All classrooms will be spending a minimum of ninety minutes each day on reading and math skills. Students will be evaluated three times each year to monitor reading progress and two times each year to monitor math progress. In addition, pre-school students will receive sixty minutes daily of reading instruction through our newly acquired Early Reading First grant.

Our staff believes that all children should have the opportunity for an outstanding education and will strive to do their best for your child. Please get to know your child’s teacher by having conversations with the teacher discussing your child in order for both parents and teachers to assist the child in reaching his/her maximum potential.

Again welcome to Allen County Primary Center and thank you for the opportunity to work with your child.


The Allen County Primary Center is committed to providing all students with the academic and social skills to become life-long learners.

D - Do Your Best

R - Respect Everyone

E - Ensure Safety

A - Act Responsibly

M - Maintain Self-Control

ACPC Vision Statement

PURPOSE OF SCHOOL …The purpose of the Allen County Primary Center is to develop an educational foundation for our children that will prepare them for the remainder of their educational career as well as real-world experiences. We do this in an environment that is child-centered and that promotes learning, compassion, and social responsibility.
ABILITY OF STUDENT TO LEARN…Students can learn at higher levels if teaching strategies are tailored to learning styles. The ability of the child to learn depends on the degree to which a teacher addresses individual needs and the level to which the child is motivated to learn.

THE ROLES OF THE FAMILY AND COMMUNITY IN THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS…WE ARE A TEAM! We will not be successful unless they are supportive of what we are doing. We feel that it will take a united and combined effort of all people involved to effectively educate the children of Allen County-Scottsville in the 21st century.
THE KIND OF SOCIETY OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING PREPARED FOR…We are trying to prepare our children for a society that is responsible in its actions and behavior. We are preparing our children for a society that should be able to problem solve and think for themselves. We are preparing our children to live in a democratic republic and be involved in day-to-day activities that promote social well being.
THE PROPER FOCUS OF SCHOOL ACTIVITY…We believe the focus of the Allen County Primary Center should always be on the child and his/her progress toward attaining the goals of the schools and it’s vision. We should also focus on the factors that inhibit the child from attaining these goals and do all that we can to eliminate barriers to individual student success.
OBLIGATION OF THE SYSTEM TO ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT INNOVATION FROM TEACHERS… We believe that as long as the teacher is making progress towards attaining the school’s vision for every student that they should have the freedom to be creative, spontaneous, and dynamic. Our teachers are encouraged to develop new, different, and exciting methods to appeal to the interest of students.



Principal – LaVonna Tarry Assistant PrincipalsKaren Bush

Brandon Prunty

Secretaries – Donna Hoffman School Counselor – Rhea DeVillez

Brenda Willoughby

Debbie Wolfe

District School Nurse – Karla Calvert Health Room Attendant – Natalie Berry

District Reading Coach – Julie Croft School Reading Coach – Janet Grizzle

Preschool Reading CoachJane Labadie

Librarians – Rhonda Parrish Music – Julie Hartman

Tasha Stamper

Physical Education – Randy Cook Art – Tonya Tuttle

Computer Lab – Anna Oliver, I.A. Gifted TeacherTo be Named

Debbie Atwood, I.A.

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