Weekly program on amalfi coast

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Danièle Wolff, experienced hiking guide (member of AIGAE*) proposes every week 4 beautiful trips to allow you the discovery of the famous landscapes along the Amalfi coast.

General information:

in order to book a hike and to get more useful information about time and meeting place, public bus connections, and more, please call at the mobile number:

(+39) 338 6083628
Price for one day’s hike:15 € per person
Spoken: English – Italiano – Français - Deutsch
MOUTAIN SHOES are recommended

*AIGAE: associazione italiana delle guide ambientali ed escursionistiche


The hamlets along the coast.

Minori – Ravello (Sanctuary SS. Cosma e Damiano) – Scala (Pontone) – Atrani – Amalfi
Along hamlets and lemon-tree terraces: the most authentic spots of the Divine Coast.
Duration: 4 hours – moderate difficulty

Level variation: +350 m, -350 m

Departure : Minori

Arrival : Amalfi


Ravello and its villas – the Valley of mills - Amalfi

From Ravello, an admirable medieval village, where we will visit the beautiful villa Rufolo, we will walk down into the green valley of the torrent Canneto, along which many paper mills established from the 13th to the 18th century.
Duration: 3,5 hours – quite easy – stairs on the way down

Level variation: - 350 m

Departure : Ravello, piazza Duomo

Arrival : Amalfi


The path of the Gods (from Agerola to Positano)
The most famous path of the Amalfi coast.

Immersed in Mediterranean vegetation you will enjoy a marvellous panorama and walk down to the picturesque village of Positano.

Duration: 4 hours – quite easy

Level variation : 650 m down; stairs at the end of the trip

Departure : Agerola (or Amalfi by public bus)

Arrival : Positano


Walk at your own choice, for at least 6 persons.

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