Voidable contracts; waiver voidable; damages

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44179644-1796.  Voidable contracts; waiver voidable; damages

A.  Any contract for health spa services entered into in reliance upon any false, fraudulent or misleading information, representation, notice or advertisement of the health spa is voidable at the option of the customer.  Any contract for health spa services which does not comply with the applicable provisions of this article is voidable at the option of the customer.

B.  Any waiver by the customer of the provisions of this article is void.

C.  Any customer injured by a violation of this article may bring an action for the recovery of damages, reasonable attorney fees, and, if the violation is wilful, punitive damages in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars per violation.

D.  The attorney general, county attorneys, city attorneys, or any aggrieved customer may institute proceedings to restrain and enjoin violations of this article.

E.  The provisions of this article are in addition to all other causes of action, remedies and penalties available to this state or to the customer. 441796

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