Vaisala 555-usb adapter Cable Installation Instructions December 20, 2007 Caution: Do not connect 555-usb adapter cable to the computer’s usb port until instructed to do so

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Vaisala 555-USB Adapter Cable Installation Instructions

December 20, 2007

Caution: Do not connect 555-USB Adapter cable to the computer’s USB port until instructed to do so.
After down loading the files from use Windows Explorer to complete the first step of the installation. Locate and copy the file HSB555DL.dll to the 555 folder, typically C:\Program Files\Vaisala\555. If asked if you want to replace an existing file, answer YES and continue.
Plug in the USB connector of the Adapter Cable to your USB port of your computer and wait 2 minutes. If the Found New Hardware Wizard installer pops up, follow the directions presented. Otherwise go to the last page and start there.

Answer as above and press next;

Answer as above and press next;

Locate the down loaded driver file (usbhsb14.inf) and point to the location using the Brouse button. Click NEXT to continue.

When the Windows warning about a non-Microsoft uncertified driver, press the Continue Anyway button.

Press Finished when the installer completes the driver installation.
Check the Adapter Cable; ensure the two LEDs on the cable are blinking alternately.
Remove the Adapter Cable from the USB port and reboot your computer.

When your computer is booted up and at the desktop screen, plug in the Adapter Cable to the computer’s USB port.

Go to Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager
Select Ports (COM & LPT) and expand the list
Check the COM port number of the 555-USB adapter (Communications Port - USB PGM-IO). This number must be set in the Online2000 program to be able to connect through the USB cable.

Connect the adapter cable between your computer and the existing Programming Cable connected to the 555. Communications can now be established.

Any questions or problems please contact Vaisala Service at 1-877-VAISALA or .

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