Using a rich environment to develop boys’ language, literacy and communication skills in key stage 2 Book area

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Using a rich environment to develop boys’ language, literacy and communication skills in key stage 2

Book area
 books, designed to appeal to boys, displayed attractively and easily accessible in comfortable and quiet surroundings
 good quality story books, including old and modern fairy tales
 poetry
 joke books
 non-fiction texts
multi-cultural texts
 books about Wales’ geography and history
 bi-lingual texts
 books in English/ Welsh by Welsh authors, or those who write in Wales
 comics and pamphlets
 newsletters
 story-sacks designed specifically to appeal to boys
 puppets
laptop computers, notebooks, e-Readers, electronic tablets with good

literacy-related software – interactive where appropriate

 listening centres – CDs with accompanying books and facilities for boys to

record their own stories, poems and plays

 plays and dialogues in English or Welsh
 art work created by Welsh-born artists (e.g. Sir Kyffin Jones, Kevin Sinnott, John Rogers, John Knapp-Fisher, James Crisp, Steve Robinson, Rolf Harris, Jackie Morris, Chris Neale, Andy Clay, Diane Walkey, Shani Rhys James, Bethan Huws)
 art created by artists who have visited Wales (e.g. Joseph Turner, Alfred Sisley, Lawrence Stephen Lowry)

Writing area
 the alphabetic code on display in English and Welsh
 a good range of different writing materials, such as paper, postcards, envelopes,

notepads, sticky notes etc on tap

 support for boys’ writing such as scaffolding, story beginnings and endings
 high-frequency words on display in English and Welsh
 words on display in the home language of boys with EAL wherever possible
topic word banks
 class books
 photo-stories with captions
 book club display board for e.g. critical reviews by boys of books they have

read and recommend

 stimuli for boys’ writing such as story cards
 teachers’, governors’ and boys’ writing on display
 magnetic letters and images to ‘play around’ with words and create new stories
 small whiteboards and felt pens for each boy

A literacy-rich environment at key stage 2 should therefore include:
 a rich and dynamic indoor and outdoor literacy environment, where speaking and listening, reading and writing are all given high status
 plenty of good-quality opportunities for children to read and write in comfort in all areas of learning
 listening area, reading area, writing area, ICT areas and role-play (oracy) areas that are well equipped with resources for imaginative drama, reading and writing

E.g. a dressing up box and clothes wardrobe hanger, a small semicircular stage

 good quality displays illustrating the forms / genres and purposes of writing in a readable format suitable for KS2 boys
 frequent use of story-reading and story-telling sessions, including poetry and role-play, which may be for boys alone at times
 practitioners who provide good language role models for speaking and listening, reading and writing
 visits by actors, poets and authors and examples of pupils’ writing stemming from such visits

Countering the Under-achievement of Boys (a Tribal project for WAG, Oct 11 to Aug 14)

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