User's manual g. Shdsl termination Unit Scorpio 1400 lcd

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Chapter 4.Installation

In this chapter, we will present the installation guide for the Scorpio 1400. It begins with a checklist for unpacking the shipping package. The chapter continues with the configuration procedures, which includes “Loop Back Test”, “Circuit Diagnose” and “Establish Connection”.


The Scorpio 1400’s shipping package includes the following items:

  • G.703 E1 Balanced interface

  • 24 AWG RJ-45 cable

  • RJ-45 cable box

  • ITU-T V.35 / RS530 / X.21 n x 64Kbps interface

  • V.35 cable

  • X.21 cable

4.2Configuration Procedures

This section guides the user through some basic operations on the front panel and makes sure the Scorpio 1400 unit is correctly configured. These operations include Local Loop back Test, Establish Connection, System setup and others.

There are six buttons on the front panel- REM/LOC, HOME, up arrow, down arrow, left arrow and right arrow.

The LCD will display the current S/W version of S1400 in the beginning. Users can enter the LCD configuration menu by pressing button.

Users can go to previous or next page by pressing or button respectively.

When the value is selected, users can press (it represents enter) button. If users aim to escape current screen and return to previous screen, just press the button.

The HOME button is used to return to main menu screen.

Users may configure the S1400 in remote side or local side by toggling the REM/LOC button. Once it is set for remote side, an R character will be displayed on the LCD screen. It will return to local configuration by pressing the REM/LOC button again.

4.2.1Establish Connection

Connect all the necessary wires and turn on the Scorpio 1400.

Wait for few seconds, press and unlock the front panel. The default password is “14001400”. Press to decrease the digit andto increase. Then pressto confirm. After unlocked, user can enter the menu tree. Keep pressing or until LCD displayed “Configuration” then press to enter the configuration menu. Repeat the same steps to enter the “Configuration ==> Modem ==> Modem Type”, “Configuration ==> Modem ==>RM Modem Type”, “Configuration ==> Modem ==> Data Rate”, “Configuration ==> Modem ==> Timing”, “Configuration ==> Interface” menu to set up the desire value respectively.

Configure Scorpio 1400 CO site by pressing button on the front panel according to the LCD menu tree in Table B-1 (Specify the Modem type, RM modem type, Data Rate, Line Type and Timing, for example, CO-SHDSL-E1, CPE-SHDSL-E1, 32, E1 framer _CRC, Internal clock)

Configure Scorpio 1400 CPE side (Specify same data rate and Line Type as CO side but different Modem type, RM modem type and Timing, for example, CPE-SHDSL-E1, CO-SHDSL-E1, 32, E1 framer _CRC, Line clock)

User may set different configurations by pressing buttons on the front panel for any other specified application which is different from the descriptions above.

Wait for several seconds, DSL LED will be ON and LCD displays Connected and the data rate of connection, it shows SHDSL link has been established.

4.2.2Local Loop back Test

Go to Test –Loop-back menu by pressing the button on front panel.

Press the button on front panel to configure the loop back test if users aim to do it. For running the loop back test, please refer to Maintenance-Test-loopback in chapter 5, Fig 5-1 and Fig 5-2.

Wait for several seconds, Scorpio 1400 will complete the test and the TST LED will turn on.

Return the setting value of loop back to normal by pressing the key button on the front panel.

Chapter 5.Operation of CID

In this chapter, you will be introduced to the CID (Craft Interface Device) VT-100 operation of Scorpio 1400. The chapter starts with an overview of Scorpio 1400’s CID. In addition, each main menu item of the Scorpio 1400’s CID, such as Configuration, Maintenance and Software Download, will be discussed.


The craft port for configuration is set to Speed: 115200, Data bit: 8, Parity: n, Stop bit: 1, Flow control: n. When Scorpio 1400 startup, the following messages will appear before the screen displays the Application software code.

After AP start up, user may press Enter to get into CID. It will prompt user to enter the password to access into the system. The default password is “tainet”. (Earlier version before V2.77, the password is “admin”.)

The CID offers user-friendly menu-driven user interface. The following figure depicts the structure of the interface. The top tier command options include Configuration, Maintenance, Software Download and Diagnosis.

  • Product Name: TAINET Scorpio 1400 Series.

  • Software Version: the software version number.

  • Tier 2: The second tier of the current screen.

  • Tier 3: The next tier of the current screen.

  • Tier 4 or description: The fourth tier of the current screen and / or its description.

  • Input: the values to be set by the user.

  • Operational hint: a hint for the user during operation.
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