User's manual g. Shdsl termination Unit Scorpio 1400 lcd

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G.SHDSL Termination Unit

Scorpio 1400 LCD


No. 25, Alley 15, Lane 120,

Sec. 1. Nei-Hu Rd,

Taipei 114, Taiwan

TEL: 886-2-26583000

FAX: 886-2-26583232

Beijing Branch:

3F, A Building,

113 Zhi Chun Lu,

HaiDian District,

Beijing, China

Zip Code: 100086

TEL: 86-10-62522081~87

FAX: 86-10-62522077

Version: 1.4
Date: 2006/12/26
P/N: 07008-00082

Copyright © 2006 TAINET Communication System Corp.

All right reserved


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About This Manual

This section guides you on how to use the manual effectively. The manual contains information needed to install, configure, and operate TAINET’s Scorpio 1400 termination units. The summary of this manual is as follows:

Chapter 1: Overview

Describes Scorpio 1000 and how to use Scorpio 1400 in several applications.

Chapter 2: Specifications

Describes the features, specifications and applications of Scorpio 1400.

Chapter 3: Interfacing

Introduces all the interfaces, including front panel and rear panel.

Chapter 4: Installation

Step-by-step guides users to install and verify the Scorpio 1400.

Chapter 5: Operation Of Cid

Gives a description of the CID (Craft Interface Device).

Appendix A: Order Information

Describes all the Scorpio 1400series products.

Appendix B: Menu Tree

Describes the LCD and VT-100 menu tree.

Appendix C: Pin Assignment

Describes all cables and connectors with pin definition.

Appendix D: Trouble Shooting

Provides brief trouble shooting list.

Appendix E: Trouble Report

Trouble Report Form

Symbols Used in This Manual

3 types of symbols are used throughout this manual. These symbols are used to advise the users when a special condition arises, such as a safety or operational hazard, or to present extra information to the users. These symbols are explained below:


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If during the warranty period, any component part of the equipment becomes defective by reason of material or workmanship, and DISTRIBUTOR notifies TAINET of such defect within seven days after knowing of such defect, TAINET shall, for any Product that TAINET agrees is defective, at its option, supply a replacement part, request return of equipment to its plant for repair, or perform necessary repair at the equipment’s location. At TAINET's option, DISTRIBUTOR shall destroy any Product that TAINET agrees is defective and shall provide satisfactory proof of such destruction to TAINET. TAINET is not responsible for Products damaged by misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation, or if repairs or modifications were made by persons other than TAINET’s own authorized service personnel, unless such repairs by others were made with the written consent of TAINET.

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TAINET has not been notified of any intellectual property rights or others which may be infringed by the Products or the promotion, marketing, sale (or resale), or servicing thereof in the Territory, but TAINET makes NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT THERETO.


1.1Overview 1

1.2Applications 3

2.1Main Features 7

2.2SHDSL Interface 9

2.2.1DS1 Interface 9

2.2.2E1 Interface 10

2.2.3V.35 Interface 11

2.2.4Ethernet Interface (S1400RL) 11

2.3Timing and Synchronization 12

2.4OAM 14

2.5Technical Specifications 16

2.6Applications 18

2.6.1Cellular network 18

2.6.2Campus network 18

2.6.3E1 Network 19

3.1Front Panel 21

3.1.1Status Indicators 22

3.1.2The Buttons 24

3.2Rear Panel 25

4.1Unpacking 29

4.2Configuration Procedures 30

4.2.1Establish Connection 30

4.2.2Local Loop back Test 31

5.1Overview 33

5.2Configuration 36

5.2.1Configuration–System 36

5.2.2Configuration–Interface 37

5.2.3Configuration–Shdsl 45

5.2.4Configuration-Security 47

5.3Maintenance 48

5.3.1 Maintenance-Alarm 48

5.3.2Maintenance-Interface 51

5.3.3Maintenance-SHDSL 54

5.3.4Maintenance-test 54

5.4Software Download 60

5.5Diagnosis 61

Appendix A Ordering Information 63

Appendix B Menu Tree 67

Appendix C Pins Assignment 85

C.1V.35 Interface 85

C.2RS-530 Interface 87

C.3V.36/RS-449 Interface 89

C.4X.21 Interface 91

C.5DB-9 Interface 93

C.6RJ-45 Interface 94

Appendix D Troubleshooting 97

Appendix E Trouble Report 99



Table 2 1 Timing and Synchronization 12

Table 2 2 Technical Specifications of the Scorpio 1400 16

Table 3 3 Indicators on Front Panel 22

Table 3 4 Indication of front panel on S1400 28

Table 5 5 SHDSL Alarms Description 49

Table 5 6 T1/E1 Alarms Description 50

Table A 1 Order Information 63

Table B 1 LCD Menu Tree 67

Table B 2 Scorpio 1400 VT-100 Menu Tree 72

Table C 1 V.35 Cable Pin Definition 86

Table C 2 RS-530 Connector Pin Definition 87

Table C 3 V.36/RS-449 Cable Pin Definition 89

Table C 4 X.21 Cable Pin Definition 91

Table C 5 DB-9 Connector Pin Definition 93

Table C 6 DSL RJ-45 Connector Pin Definition 94

Table C 7 LAN RJ-45 Connector Pin Definition 94

Table C 8 G703 Balance port RJ-45 / 48C Connector Pin definition 96

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