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Undergraduate RA Interest Form

GWU Student Version

Thank you for your interest in this undergraduate research opportunity. All undergraduate research assistants (RAs) are expected to do approximately 9 hours of work on this project per week, including 1-2 hours of meetings with the research group and/or research supervisors. Time commitments may vary if you are a summer RA (approximately 15 hours/wk). Please complete this form (expand sections as necessary) and email as an attachment to Dr. Gee at cgee@gwu.edu, Lyzaida Rivera lrivera@gwmail.gwu.edu, and Sunny Hwang syhwang@gwmail.gwu.edu . Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.
E-mail address:

Phone #:
Year in school:

GPA (overall):

GPA (psychology):

1. Do you plan on registering for Psych 191 credit? ____ No _____ Yes

If so, for which semester(s)?
Would you still be able to RA if you could not receive 191 credit or if 191 was only available for a particular semester due to course registration limitations?

2. Which semesters are you applying for? (check all that appy)

_____ summer _______ fall ______ spring

3. If you were selected for an RA position, how many semesters could you commit to?

(Non-GW students must commit to one-year)

4. Have you ever been a research assistant before? ____ No ____ Yes

If so, for whom? What were your responsibilities on the project?

5. You will be working on a community-based research project focusing on adolescent mothers and their babies’ fathers. Why are you interested in this specific area of research?

6. What are your career goals?

7. What types of things would you like to learn through this research experience?

8. Describe any experience that you have had in working with low-income, ethnic minority populations.

9. Would you have access to a car? _____ No _______ Yes

10. List any languages that you are fluent in (other than English):

11. Please list any computer skills that you have (e.g., Powerpoint, SPSS):

12. Please list the names of two Psychology faculty members who we could contact as a reference for you:


Relationship to you (e.g., Psych 101 instructor)

E-mail address




13. What are your other major responsibilities for the upcoming semester?

Jobs/Extracurricular activities (Please list # hrs/wk that you work at each job or participate in each activity)

14. . RAs must have several large blocks of time to conduct interviews or to have lab hours. What are the likely days/times that you would be able to do this? (List 3 hour blocks of time.)
15. You will be required to attend lab meetings once a week. To help us schedule these meetings, please complete the schedule below listing all times that you are unavailable (for the semester for which you are applying to be an RA).

Schedule – Times NOT available

















16. Comments/Questions:

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