Tyrannosaurus rex

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Deinonychus means "terrible claw." Deinonuchus looks like a rapter. It walked on two legs. It was 10 - 13 feet long and about 5 feet tall. Deinonychus weighed about 175 pounds. It was a meat eater with very sharp teeth and strong jaws. It was a meat eater. It had large eyes to help it see its prey.  Deinonychus had long fingers to grab its prey. The claws on its feet helped it to balance on one foot and use the other to tear into its prey. It had a stiff tail. Skeletons of deinonychus were found in the western United States.

Saltopus means "leaping foot." Saltopus was small. It is even smaller then a crocodile's mouth opening. It lived near rivers. It was a meateater. It probably was also a scavanger. The saltapus was about 2 feet long and it weighed about 2 pounds. It had a long head with lots of very sharp teeth. Saltopus walked on its two legs and was a very fast runner. It was very quick and scientists think it was a jumping dinosaur. It had two hands. Each hand had five fingers. Saltopus is one of the oldest dinosaurs we know about. Skeletons of Saltopus were found in Northern Scotland

Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex means "tyrant reptile." Tyrannosaurus Rex was big and strong and green. T-Rex was a meat eater and he also liked to eat other dinosaurs. He lived on land, not in water or in the sky. He had really big jaws that were razor-sharp. His teeth were six inches long. His brain was as big as a bird. Tyrannosaurus Rex looked like a big, huge monster. He used to stand on his hind legs, and he had two tiny hands in the front. He dragged his tail along with him. His head was as long as a man's body. He slept on the ground. He lived in Western California. We learned that he was the king of reptiles. The word Rex means king. He was the biggest meat-eating animal that ever lived, and the last dinosaur to walk the earth. Tyrannosaurus skeletons have been found in Alberta, Canada and Montana.



Utahraptor means "robber from Utah." It looks fierce and strong. And he looks like his teeth are really sharp. It was the first dinosaur found in Utah. It lived in Utah and maybe in other parts in the United States. Utahraptor was a meateater. He ate anything he wanted, probably even bigger dinosaurs. It hunted in packs. It walked on its two back legs. Utahraptor was the smartest dinosaur. It ran very fast. Utahraptor was about 20 feet long. It might have weighed about a ton. It had a middle toe that was 9 - 15 inches long. It had very sharp eyes to help it see its prey. Skeletons of Utahraptor have been found in Utah.


Apatosaurus means "deceptive reptile" or "deceptive lizard." An Apatosaurus used to be called Brontosaurus, which means "thunder reptile.'' The Apatosaurus was big and tall. It looked like a giant lizard Apatosaurus was a plant eater, it was gray and it had four legs and a long neck. It walked on all four feet. It also had a long tail. It was fat and it had fat legs. It weighed forty tons and was about seventy feet long (that's as long as two big city busses, one behind the other.) Apatosaurus had a small head, though, and his brain was only as bug as a man's fist. The Apatosaurus was a plant eater. It had little spoon-shaped teeth, and ate water plants. It is possible that the ground did thunder and shake when these dinosaurs walked across it. The Apatosaurus died and the other dinosaurs died too. Skeletons of the Apatosaurus have been found in Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.


Brachiosaurus means "arm reptile" or "arm lizard." Brachiosaurus had a long neck and it was big. It is the tallest dinosaur we know about. The brachiosaurus had a head he was tall and heavy. He lived on land. The brachiosaurus was a plant eater. It lived in the rain forest. This dinosaur was a giant but its mouth was tiny. Its nostrils were on top of its head. It ate and ate and ate to fill up its big body. Brachiosaurus was about 50 feet tall and 85 feet long. Its nostrils were above its eyes. Many people call this dinosaur long neck brach-io-saur-us, which means "thunder reptile." It is possible that the ground did thunder and shake when these dinosaurs walked across it. Skeletons of the brachiosaurus have been found in Colorado and Tanzania.

Diplodocus means "double beam." Diplodocus can be green or it can be the color blue just like blue eyes. Its habitat was whereever they could find food and water. Diplodocus ate plants, leaves and grass too.  Its teeth were short and dull. Diplodocus was about 90 feet long. The longest parts of the diplodocus were the neck and tail. The long neck helped it reach the treetops and the tail whipped around. Its body was fat with short legs and it moved slowly. It had a small head and tiny brain. Skeletons of the diplodocus were found in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming in the United States

Protoceratops means "first horned face." Protoceratops walked on four short legs, a large head, a big tail and had a mouth shaped like a beak. The beak looked like a parrot's beak. It had a small frill on its head. The male's frill was bigger than the female. They laid their eggs in a nest. Protoceratops ate plants. Protoceratops was six feet long and weighed 900 pounds. The babies were 12 inches long. Skeletons of Protoceratops were found in Mongolia, in Asia.
Stegosaurus means "plated reptile." Stegosaurus had a spiked tail that he used to protect himself. He had tail spikes of his tail. It has a tiny brain and a small head. His brain was so small that it was about the size of a walnut. This dinosaur walked on four legs, but his back legs were twice as long as his front legs. It was about 30 feet long. The stegosaurus had seventeen bony plates along his back. The plates could have been used for protection. Skeletons of the stegosaurus have been found in Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.


Triceratops means "three horned face." Triceratops looks strong and tough. It had three horns that were really sharp. He is 25-30 feet long and 9 1/2 feet tall. He lived in western North America and maybe in South America. They ate grass and bushes, leaves and berries and maybe plants that were underwater. Skeletons of triceratops have been found in Western Canada and the United States.


Ultrasaurus means "ultra reptile" or "ultra lizard." It had a very long neck, a very long tail and long legs. Ultrasaurus ate plants. The dinosaurs that ate plants were called plant eaters. Ultrasaurus was one of the biggest dinosaur that ever lived. It was sixty feet tall and one hundred feet long. It had a very powerful heart to help pump blood to all the parts of its body. It was very strong. It was so big that when if looked down at other dinosaurs they looked very, very, very, small. It probably walked very slowly because it was so big.  Scientists found the bones of Ultrasaurus in Colorado, in the Western part of the United States.

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