Tsg-c swg 4 title: The Brief Introduction of uimid usage in cu network source

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The Brief Introduction of UIMID Usage in CU Network


Cathy Zou

China Unicom


Li Xiangping

China Unicom


Liu Dongming



Yan Di




This contribution briefly introduce the usage status of UIM ID&ICCID, and CU’s UIM ID manager policy .CU suggests to accelerate the standardization work of EUIMID and ESN reusage.

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The Brief Introduction of UIMID Usage in CU Network

  1. The R-UIM card usage status in CU network

    1. Background and Overview

In Jan 2002, China Unicom launched’ China Unicom New Horizon CDMA’ network national wide, and successfully upgraded all network to CDMA 1X in 2003. Now, China Unicom network covered more than 300 local service zones and the network capacity is up to 60 millions subscribers. From network capacity perspective, China Unicom is the largest CDMA network around the world. Till August 2004, China Unicom had provided international roaming services in 12 countries and areas with 14 CDMA operators.

To fulfill China subscribers’ specific user experience and convention, China Unicom first introduced R-UIM card into CDMA.

As an operator who run GSM and CDMA network together, China Unicom proposed and put ‘World Wind phone’ service which support GSM and CDMA inter-standard roaming into practice.

    1. Subscribers growing status

Now the subscribers is more than 30 million, and UIMID assigned number is up to 90 million. At the same time, Unicom had gained 200 new million IRM number to meeting with the future development needs, hence UIMID resource must needs reserve corresponding amount in advance.

    1. Number resource consuming analysis

IRM UIMID ratio is 1/N, N>3, the reasons are as follows:

      • There two kinds of subscriber in CU network, one is short-term pre-paid subscribers, the other is long-term post-paid subscribers, both of them have life-cycle, so subscriber number is “dynamic”, it needs more number resources.

      • R-UIM card lost and broken needs occupied assigned UIM resource.

      • The R-UIM replacement required by developing new services/function, such as increase UIM card capacity.

      • the whole country is divided into hundreds local service zone to launch the business, so the whole resource is divided into many blocks, the UIM resource which assigned to certain LSZ but can not transfer to other LSZ, it will reduce the utilization ratio and needs more resource.

      • The on-the-way R-UIM resource in retailers and point of sales (there are about 100,000) will occupy number resource.

      • Although it’s not necessary to replace all cards in technology, but some subscribers may like changing enhanced RUIM card during the EVDO launching.

  1. China Unicom’s UIM number management introduction:

    1. Via invite public bidding, China Unicom chooses its UIM card vendors and supervises the UIM usage to avoid UIM ID confliction. Corresponding to its IRM resource assignment, each provincial network is responsible for its own UIM resource assignment and management which assigned by CU head quarter.

    2. ICCID number format

89 86 X1X2 Y1Y2MH0A1A2A3N1N2N3N4N5N6F

86 is country code

X1X2 is mobile network code

Y1Y2 is the year UIM card is made. For example, 1999 is 99, 2005 is 05,

M is the last digital of mobile service access number; it is correlative with CU MDN format.

H0 is home location ID

A1A2A3 is the area code of corresponding city

N1N2N3N4N5N6 is sequence number

F is Check Digital

Note: the user capacity per local service zone per year is 10 million (N1N2N3N4N5N6*M), so ICCID number resource is enough to one operator even like CU.

  1. China Unicom’s Measures on UIMID resource

    1. Now, CU has already start setting the UIMID recycle solution, while due to the vast investment to set up management system for UIMID and MIN, it did not work yet. We hope that TIA set up recycle mechanism also, i.e. recycle from AMPS, TDMA;

    2. Attend 3GPP2 meeting to accelerate the standardization work so as to pave the way for UIMID extension.

  2. Suggestion to TIA/3GPP2 on UIMID resource assignment

Due to the UIMID exhaustion, the solution need be figured out before the end of 2005, CU will start UIMID extension in 2006; so we suggest TIA/3GPP2:

    1. Accelerate the work of re-assign the ESN resource which used to assign to AMPS/D-AMPS etc non-CDMA system;

    2. Accelerate the work of comparing 56bits UIM ID and 80 bits ICCID solution and draw the conclusion based on stage 1 requirement output and go to detail standardization ASAP.

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