Tombstone Reveals Early Evart Burial 1872 given as death date of child on stone discovered monday

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Evart Newspaper items of note – special interest
Evart Review 12 Jul 1945
Tombstone Reveals Early Evart Burial

A mystery was uncovered when a son of Peter John White, diffing postholes for a chicken fence at their residence in the south end of townm uncovered a well preserved tombstone.
The stone, about 18 by 24 by 6 inche, bore the inscription “Igness, son of Wm & E. Gerard. Died Aug. 18, 1872, 1 yr. 28 days.
The earliest recorded burial in forest Hill Cemetery occurred in 1880, according to W.BTurner, City Clerk, and before that time a cemetery existed in the property across US-10 from the fairground. One or two bodies were moved to Forest Hill when the cemetery was opened. No Gerards were on the list for Forest Hill.
The Review was founded on October 10, two months after the death date given, and the village of Evart was founded the same year, so no records are available for further checking.
Evart Review 26 Jan 1939 (Feb 1, 1889)
Public school teachers included Kate Lapham and Grace Snyder, A and B divisions of first grade, Mable rose, second grade; Emma Birdsall, third grade; Emma Kimes, grammar room; seventh and eighth grades, Belle Covert. N.H. Walbridge, supt.
Evart Review 5 April 1895
Evart teachers at this time were Kindergarten, Lillian McCutcheon; first grade, Fannie I. Allen; second grade, U. Adeline Smith; third grade, Jessie Allison; fourth grade, E. Lozette Smith; fifth grade, Julia A. Deane; second grammar department, Myron Jerome; high school, C.E. Maxwell, principal, James H. Thompson, superintendent.
October 29, 1931
Superintendents, Teachers & Directors of Osceola County 1931-1932
Burdell Township
District Director Teacher

2 Mrs. Nina Klok Pupils transported

3 (Tustin) W. Payne Ward, Superintendent

O.P. Jensen Buel Grice, Principal

Agnes Cryderman

Mrs. Payne Ward

Evelyn Erickson

Edna Echelberger

4 Charles Forsberg Pupils transported

5 Charles W. Swanson Mabel Garringer

6 Merle Ide Allie Allen

7 Elmer VanAntwerp Josephine Shore

Cedar Township

1 William O. Morris Annabelle Moffit

2 Jerome Robinson Naoma Clark

3 Dee W. Rehkopf Dorothy Finkbeiner

Evart Township

1 W.R. Davis Nora McMullen

2 Walter Johnson Lorene Jagger

4 Mrs. Maude E. Boyd Raymond Kneisel

5 Mrs. Cora Owen Mabel Russel

6 Emanuel Bristle Viola Comer

Hartwick Township

1 Ray Arndt Thelma Friend

2 George Ransom Louise Corey

3 Oscar Nichols Bernice Shanafelt

4 Arthur Jensen Mable Sharpe

5 Sherman Booher Velma Williams

Hersey Township

1 Ray Pixley Ruth Haist

2 Elmer Theil Ada Farrar

4 Samuel Leach John Leach

5 (Hersey)

Frank McIntyre William L. Schultz, Supt.

Elsie M. Gustafson, Principal

Morgan Dodder

Bertha Luek

Christina Johnson

Vena VanAlystyne

7 Mrs. Eva Duesler Lola Miller

Highland Township

1 Fred Morred Harriet Johnson

2 Ed Fredericks Herman Hamming

3 H. Jay Gould Madelyn Keller

4 Arthur Shank Dorothy Thomas

5 Jared B. Nash Louise Michaels

6 Gerrit Bierma Nedra Walcutt

7 Eugene Johnson Mattie Eastway

8 Peter Booomstra Gladys Lee

9 Frank McClung Mildred Mobley

Highland Christian

Rev John Holwerda Magdalens Yntema

LeRoy Township

1 Clarence E. Johnson Earl Lickert

2 Herman Westman Garnet Nelson

3 Robert Tate Bernice Leemgraven

5 (LeRoy)

Mrs. Lulu D. Pegg A.P. Bodary, Superintendent

Helen Hieber, Principal

Esther Cook

Grace Brill

Gertrude Hicks

Hazel Jensen

6 Ezra Bittner Wanda Diehlman

Lincoln Township

1 Sanford Steig Hannah McLachlan

2 Robert Greenwald Pupils Transported

3 Arthur Briggs Ada Pepper

4 Mrs. Pearl Miller Margaret Finkbeiner

5 Herbert Lincoln Esther Sprague

6 John Brandberry Mary Morlock

7 Martin K. Witt Mabel Williams

8 W.M. Gingrich Edith Gingrich
Marion Township

Harvey L. Dunbar Lyle D. Brundage, Superintendent

Earl G. Jewett, Priincipal

Irene Morton

Helen Purcell

Ida Kaikkonen

Margaret Gibson

Dorothy Coleman

Gertrude Jenema

Esther Brooks

Margaret Bruer

Betty Beversteil

Middle Branch

1 Glen McNaughton Beryl Beaudry

2 Robert Opper Ada Hockey

3 Mrs. Grace Bozung Elma McCrimmon

4 Albert Sneary Abbie Comstock

5 Michael Kipp School discontinued

Orient Township

1 Albert Becker Ruth Ballantyne

2 John Arndt Beatrice Conn

3 (Evart)

Dr. G.D. Rowe Steven J. Martin, Superintendent

Russell Wait

Nellie Smith

Minnie Erskine

John VanderWerf

Sam McClutchey

Virginia Thornton

Clemmie Yarhouse

Florence Dilts

Eleanor Pence

Hermiene Bigbee

Dortha Lozar

Lyle Rabb

Lucille Stephenson

Genevieve Comer

Helen Voller

Esther Baughman

Lucy Kirschbaum

County Norman Principal

Angeliine Landon

County Norman Critic

4 Homer Stein Agnes Lloyd

5 William Stipek Genevieve Hubbard

6 Arthur Diehlman Nina Diehlman

Richmond Township

1 John Erler Sylvestra Zimmerman

2 Ernest Gerber Esther Peppler

3 Ephraim Holquist Maria Gerhardt

4 Alfred Baar Edna Ochs

6 LeRoy McGregor Jessica Finch

7 (Reed City)

M.E. Beecher Otto H. Olson, Superintendent

Louis W. Redemsky, Principal

L.C. Atkins

J.E. Hardimon

F.S. Furman

D.L. Adams

Carl Dechow

Gertrude Calkins

Mancelyn Barker

Agnes Herrgard

Helen Costello

Wilma Keller

Grace Witherell

Alma Corsault

Louise Pearson

Pearl Veltman

Mildred Denslow

Kathleen Merrill

Violet Bonsall

8 Albert Morlock Lilliam Morlock
Trinity Lutheran

Rev. C.C. Koessel Helmuth Keup

Rose Lake Township

1 Mrs. Mary F. Watson Naomi Knapp

2 Mrs. Nellie Nelson Julian Gorthy

3 Archa Furniss Dora Neuman

4 Henry Steinhaus Thelma Otto
Sherman Township

1 Gustaf Neuman, Jr. Leonard Tacoma

2 (Dighton) Forest G. Williams, Principal

Duane Briggs Lois Young, Primary

3 Harry Rees Albert Lickert

4 William Franke Marvin Witbeck

5 James Manhart Margaret Lothrop

6 Mrs. Robert Johnson Genevieve Wallenburg

7 Herbert Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell
Sylvan Township

1 Alger Bragg Leona McDougall

2 Andrew Anderson Pearl Caldwell

3 Mrs. Hugh Crawford Hazelle Paulson

4 Arley Reedy Vera Seberry

5 W.H. Hawkins Alice Richmond

March 1880

Hartwick Twp. New P.O. called Headland with John Parkman as Postmaster.

April 1880

Cedar Twp Penasa P.O. H.H. Smith, postmaster

James H. Thompson went to Lansing April 1911
2/1890 – James Cobena – Indian who lived with Penasa family at camps a mile east of town. Hilled by a train.
7/1891 – Indian mounds dug up

5/09 Dist #6 Evart Twp new school lot I sec 7 north of River

9/1889 Dist #4 Sylvan will build new school
Eddy’s Corners in Sylvan Twp.
Evart Review 9/1927 John Blodgett Indian Campground across the river near the Hersey Bridge. Little Joe – grandson of Penasa playmate for John. Indians made a canoe for John & Mrs. Blodgett did not approve.
County Farm 1913 New bldg 1931
28 Jan 1884

High McIntosh

Edward Cowles

John Corbit

Lucy Hunt

Emma Shepherd & child

Lucinda cowls

Emma Weisenberger

1 insane Dane

10 inmates & 17 boarders families & men working on the farm bldgs.

Certificate #1102 Application 2539

Homestead 5 Apr 1872

Sec 28, T18N, R7W 160 acres
Mansel Kelley Jan 23, 1873 sold to county for $2,000 160 acres for poor farm.

Elon Boyce at county farm 30 Jan 1890-10 Apr 1891 63 weeks – poisoned on 30 Jan 1890 paralysis in hands and feet

11 Feb 1921 Evart Savings bank moved to new building Banks merged fall 1922.
Trucks –

Republic made in Cadillac

Transport made in Mr. Pleasant

Trojan made in Evart

Acme made in Alma
Evart Woman’s Club park 30 Jun 1911 They had DR Dow come to help with the planning. Was probably Waterworks Park
7 Jul 1911

240 gal of water per person per day for each person in town.

List of Civil War vets buried at Forest Hill in 31 May 1895 Review
Teacher’s Pension about Feb 1935 first talked about in 1917.
2/1873 – If the bears come out of their dens on February 2nd and see their shadows there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
Dec 14, 1883 List of pensioners of Osceola Co page 1
Swede Charles Miller died Fri, Dec 7, 1883 train accident while drunk buried at Forest Hill but not listed.

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