TO: (Supervisor), (Unit) from: (Sender),

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Attachment G

TO: (Supervisor), (Unit) FROM: (Sender), (Service Center) RE: (Student Employee Name)

The above named student employee, who currently earns $(Rate)/hr., is eligible for a merit increase effective (EffDate).
Please provide a brief two-to-three sentence narrative of this student’s work performance since hired, or since last eligible for a merit increase. Relative to this performance, you have four choices for a merit recommendation. Please mark the appropriate choice for merit recommendation, obtain the student employee’s signature, sign and date the document yourself and return it to me no later than (RetDate). Failure to return this form in a timely manner will have an adverse effect on this student’s pay. Thank you.

Brief Narrative Evaluation:

Merit Increase Recommendation
Clearly Outstanding. Exceeds all expectations for the position’s goals and duties. Increase hourly wage by $.20/hr.
More Than Satisfactory. Met all the expectations for the position’s goals and duties, and in many instances exceeded them: Increase hourly wage by $.15/hr.
Satisfactory. Met practically all the position’s goals or duties and in some instances exceeded them. Increase hourly wage by $.10/hr.
Improvement Needed. Failed to meet the position’s goals or duties or met them only partially: No increase in hourly wage.

Student Employee Signature Date

Supervisor Signature Date

Service Center Approvals Date

January 7, 1998 shr-1690

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