Time: m-w, 5: 30-6: 45 for Lectures, Sections 9-14 Recitations, all on Thursdays Section 9 5: 30 C311 Wells Section 10 5: 30 C209 Wells Section 11 4: 10 C112 Wells Section 12 5: 30 C207 Wells Section 13 4: 10 C200 Wells Section 14 6

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Statistics 200

Statistical Methods

Time: M-W, 5:30-6:45 for Lectures, Sections 9-14

Recitations, all on Thursdays

Section 9 5:30 C311 Wells

Section 10 5:30 C209 Wells

Section 11 4:10 C112 Wells

Section 12 5:30 C207 Wells

Section 13 4:10 C200 Wells

Section 14 6:40 C109 Wells

Place: Lectures in B104 Wells Hall
Instructor: James Stapleton

A429 Wells Hall, 355-9678

e-mail: Stapleton@stt.msu.edu
Office Hours: 1:00 - 2:00 M-W-F, 10:00 - 12:00 T - Th
Text: David S. Moore, “The Basic Practice of Statistics”
Prerequisite: Mathematics 103, or equivalent

From the university catalog description: “Data analysis, probability models, random variables, estimation, tests of hypotheses, confidence intervals, and simple linear regression.”

The course may be roughly divided into three parts: 1) Descriptive statistics, 2) Probability, and 3) Statistical Inference. Descriptive statistics will be concerned with descriptive statistics and descriptive graphs, designed to summarize collections of data in useful ways. Probability is concerned with the analysis of random phenomena, with applications to lotteries, genetics, business decisions, reliability, standardized testing, measurement errors, sample surveys, and many other fields. Statistical inference is concerned with methods by which random samples from populations may be used to make statements about those populations.
Exams and Quizzes:

Fifty-minute midterm exams will be given during the lecture meetings on the following dates:

Wednesday, September 27

Monday, October 30

Wednesday, November 29

Approximately six 15-minutes quizzes will be given in recitations on dates to be announced in lectures and at a web-site to be announced. There also will be two or three problem sets due in recitations at times to be announced. The final exam, based on all the material discussed, will be given in the lecture room on Monday, December 11, 8:00-10:00 pm.

Grading: Grades will based on the total number of points accumulated as follows:

Midterm exams 300 (100 for each of three)

Quizzes 150 (Approx. 25 each for six quizzes)

Problem Sets 75 (Approximately. 25 or 30 for two or three)

Final Exam 200

Total 725

Important Dates:

Thursday, September 21 ---- Last day to drop with any refund

Tuesday, October 17 ---- Last date to drop

Monday, December 11 ---- Final Exam (8:00 pm)

Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to make any changes he considers academically advisable.

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