Time Line: 1808-1954 Laurel Grove School Curriculum

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Time Line: 1808-1954

Laurel Grove School Curriculum

National Events

State Events (Virginia)

Local Events (Jasper/Walker Family)

1808 Congress bans importation of slaves – more slaves born in US & internal slave trade moves slaves from upper south to lower south
War of 1812

1810-1860 Fairfax County becomes region for slave export
Alexandria becomes largest slave market in US

between 1808-1814 William Jasper born a slave to Morris & Eliza Jasper on William Hayward Foote’s Hayfield plantation
Thornton Gray’s mother, Thomzen Gray) owned & freed by George Washington – Washington died in 1799, slaves freed in 1800

1820 Missouri Compromise passed – Missouri admitted as slave state, Maine as free state

1831 Nat Turner’s Rebellion – spurs debate about slavery & emancipation in VA

1822 & 1835 Registry of Free Negroes includes Thorton Gray

1850 Compromise – California admitted as free state, New Mexico & Utah choose their status, slave trade abolished in DC, tough fugitive slave law passed

by 1840s, Northern Virginia’s economy diversified (includes wheat, corn, flax, hogs, cattle, sheep) – leads to smaller farms with skilled slaves

1846 William Hayward Foote dies – William Jasper & family freed by his will
1853 William & Sarah Jasper registered as free Negroes; given permission to live in Fairfax County, VA

1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act – each territory/state decides slavery status (nullifies Missouri Compromise)
1857 Dred Scott decision
1860 Abraham Lincoln elected president

1859 John Brown’s raid on federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, VA
by 1860, Fairfax County can no longer be described as an essentially slaveholding society

1860 William Jasper buys land from Thompson Javins
66 African Americans own land in Fairfax County

1861 Civil War begins

1861 Civil War begins

1861 Civil War begins

1863 Emancipation Proclamation

1865 Civil War ends
13th Amendment abolishes slavery
Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands created
Ku Klux Klan created in Tennessee

1865 Civil War ends

1865 Civil War ends

2 March 1867 Reconstruction Act of 1867 – sets requirements for readmission of Confederate States to the Union
1868 14th Amendment establishes citizenship

1867-1869 Virginia Constitutional Convention – adopts new VA Constitution

1867 William Jasper & Thornton Gray vote in Fairfax County, VA
1869 marriage license for William & Georgiana Jasper

1870 15th Amendment establishes voting rights
1870 Hiram Revels of Mississippi elected – first black elected to US Senate

Oct. 1867 election of delegates to state Constitutional Convention
Dec. 1867-April 1868 VA Constitutional Convention
July 1868 ratification of VA Constitution
1870 VA readmitted to Union
public education begins – elementary school segregated from start

1870 census taken – William & Georgiana Jasper on entry

1875 Civil Rights Act passes

1881 Jasper deeds land (1/2 acre) for school to Mt. Vernon District

between 1864 & 1890, 14 “colored” schools established in Fairfax County; by 1899 enrollment reaches 1,150
c. 1886 [or 4] Laurel Grove School established

1895 Booker T. Washington gives Atlanta Compromise speech

1892 no government offices in VA held by African Americans

1895 William Jasper dies

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson established “separate but equal” doctrine
1880s-1900s Jim Crow laws established in many states
1898 Spanish-American War

1903 “Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others” published within The Souls of Black Folk
1905 Niagara Movement organized by W.E.B. DuBois, William Monroe Trotter, Ida Wells Barnett, and other middle-class but militant black intellectuals
1909 NAACP founded through merger of two organizations: Niagara Movement & National Negro Conference

1902 new VA Constitution establishes black disenfranchisement & legalizes racial discrimination in school system

1907 photos of schools for black & white children show inequality

1915 President Woodrow Wilson re-segregates DC and screens Birth of a Nation

1917-1918 US enters WWI
1917/1900-1970 Great Migration of blacks from South to North
1918 flu epidemic

1918 VA passes first compulsory school attendance law – children ages 8-12 required to attend school for at least sixteen weeks

1917 draft registration of Walker Jenkins & other LGS parents

1920s Harlem Renaissance

1922 8th Annual Colored Fairfax County Public Schools
1927 Laurel Grove School wins award for selling tuberculosis seals

1929-1939 The Great Depression

1932 Laurel Grove School closes

1954 Brown v. Board of Education – segregated schools declared unconstitutional

1954 Fairfax County builds Luther Jackson High School – first high school for African American students

1965 VA desegregates schools

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