There Were Three Governments in Russia in 1917

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There Were Three Governments in Russia in 1917.
1.Czar Nicholas II abdicated (or left) the throne in February, 1917.

A. Nicholas had engaged Russia in World War I. Many lives had been lost and a victory seemed unattainable.

B. The czars family became associated with a faith healer named Rasputin. Rasputin's scandalous behavior shocked Russia.

C. There were many food shortages during the cold winter of 1916-1917. The people demanded food, but Nicholas instead sent troops in to keep the people from demonstrating.

2. A provisional (or temporary) government ruled Russia from March to November, 1917.

A. The new government proclaimed civil liberties and promised democratic elections.

B. The government was unable to withdraw Russia from World War I. This government became associated with the destruction of the war.

C. Peasants and workers revolted against the landlords and factory owners. peasants expropriated (or took over) land, and factories were closed when workers refused to work.

3. The Bolsheviks removed the democratic government in a coup supported by some of the military..

A. The violent Bolsheviks believed in the teachings of Karl Marx. Lenin was their leader.
B. Lenin, the leader of the Bolsheviks, remained in hiding as an enemy of the government. He encouraged a revolt against landlords and factory owners.
C. On the night of November 6, the Bolsheviks attacked the Russian capital and met little resistance from the provisional government.
D. In March, 1918, Lenin signs the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

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