The University of Jordan Al jbaihah- amman, Jordan

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The University of Jordan

Al jbaihah- Amman, Jordan

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Prof. Abdullah S. Al Nagrash


  1. The Academic Experience

2008 – Now

The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

    Dean, Faculty of International Studies

  • Board member / Center for Strategic Studies University of Jordan

  • Editorial Board member / International refereed research journal – Dirasat, The Deanship of Academic Research.

  • Editorial Board member – Political Science & Low journal.


The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

    Dean, Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences.


German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) Hamburg- Germany

Visiting Professor


The University of Applied Sciences Amman-Jordan

Professor of Political Sciences.


The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

Professor of Political Sciences















The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

    The Head of Department of Political Sciences

    The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

Associate Professor of Political Sciences

    The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

The head of Department of Political Sciences

    The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

Dean Assistant for Administrative Affaires

    The University of Jordan Amman-Jordan

Assistant Professor of Political Sciences

    Ministry of Planning Amman-Jordan

Consultant and Administrator

  1. The Occupational Experience

    The National Council for Planning Amman-Jordan

Researcher & Responsible for International Cooperation

    Ministry of Finance Amman-Jordan

Estimator and Accounting Editor

Secretary of the Political Bureau

  1. Press Experience


Weekly Political Analyst in AD-Dustour Jordanian Newspaper


    Weekly Political Analyst in Al Raai Jordanian Newspaper

    Political Analyst in Many Arab Magazine :

  1. Alnadwa Magazine, International Affairs Association.

  2. Al Mustaqbal al- Arabi, The Center of Arabic Unit Studies.

  1. Education

    University of Jordan –Amman/ Jordan

    Bachelor Degree in Economy, Public Administration & Political Sciences.

    Sarbonne University- Paris2- France

    Master Degree in Political Sciences (DEA), Conflict Resolution Studies (Arab Israeli Secret Contracts), Faculty of Law, Economy & Social Sciences



    Sorbonne University- Paris-France.

    Doctorate (D.ETAT) in Political Sciences: International Relations (Arab World and the West), Faculty of Law, Economy & Social Sciences.

Strasburg -France

    Qualification Certificate of Teaching Human Rights in Universities - Center of International Human Rights (Strasburg -France).

  1. Languages

Arabic: Mother Tongue.

English: Fluent spoken, written & reading.

French: Fluent spoken, written & reading.

  1. Published Books

  1. The Arab Society (1990), Ministry of Education, Amman-Jordan.

  2. The Palestinian Case (1990), Ministry of Education, Amman-Jordan

  3. The Political Parties' Experience in Jordan (1991), Jordan History Committee " Royal Foundation for Islamic Civilization Research, Al-AlBayt Foundation ,Jordan

  4. Toward Establishing a new Arabic Order (1992), Arab Thought Forum (Joint).

  5. The Gulf Security (1997), Jordanian International Center for Information & Studies, Amman –Jordan (Joint).

  6. The Gulf Security (1997), Middle East Center for Studies, Amman-Jordan (Joint).

  7. Suleiman Al Nabulsi and the Political Life in Jordan (1998), New Jordan Center,Amman-Jordan (Joint).

  8. Shafeeq Irshaidat and the Political Life in Jordan (1999), Jordanian Center for Information's & Research (Joint).

  9. Studies about the Jordanian Social History (2003), Al Sindbad House for Publication, Amman-Jordan (Joint).

  10. The Jordanian Democratic Experience.(To be Published)

  11. The Political Development Theory and Practice.(To be Published)

  12. Translated book: Classic Readings of International Relations: Phil Williams, et al. (To be published)

  1. Published Researches

  1. The Political Arabic Regimes and the Arabic Order. Comprehensive Review(1989) Arabic Magazine

    for Political Sciences. Vol: 1 No: 9.

  1. Articles about Democracy (1991) Nation Message Magazine, Vol:1 No:2.

  2. The Context of the Jordanian Political Discourse (1993) Nation Message Magazine,Vol:1 No:3.

  3. The Modification of Election Law (1994), Nation Message Magazine,Vol:2 No:7.

  4. The Political dialogue and Democratic Emergence (1994) Nation Message Magazine,Vol:2 No:7.

  5. Muslims in the new international reality (1994),Nation Message Magazine,Vol:2 No:4.

  6. The Formal Jordanian Position Toward The Gulf Crisis (1994) Dirasat : Deanship of Scientific

    Research, University of Jordan Vol:212 A No:4.

  1. The Impact of The Demographic Structure On the Democratic Orientations in Jordan (1994)

    Dirasat :Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Jordan ,Vol 22 A No:4.

  1. The Effect of The Gulf Crisis on the Arabic Order & The Position of Arabic Nation In the New World

  1. Studies in the National Thought " Problematic for Arab Unity" (1998) Magazine of Political Sciences, University of Baghdad.

  2. The Map of Political Parties in Jordan (1998), Al Nadwah Magazine, Association of International Affairs,Amman No:2

  3. Jordan in the Regional Dimension, Session About the Jordanian Foreign Affaires: Reality and aspirations (1999), Amman.

  4. The Propalble Political Consequences of the Peace Settlement in the Middle East (2000) Dirasat:

    Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Jordan Vol:27 No:1/2.

  1. In The Ideological Context of the Arabic National Security(2000), The Magazine of International Policy

International Centre for Studies,Baghdad.

  1. The Liberal Philosophy and the Constitution Of 1952: Analytical Study (2003) Dirasat : University of

    Jordan Vol: 30 No: 1 .

  1. The Determents of The Political Development in Jordan, Statistical Applied. Study(2004) ,

    Ministry of Political Development, Amman, Jordan.

  1. The Political Development & The Human Rights in the Arabic World (2005),Dirasat, University of


  1. The Theory of the Fair War and the War in Iraq /2003/ (2005), Dirasat: University of Jordan Vol:3


  1. Problematic of Political Development in the Arab World ,Comparative Study (2005), Dirasat :

    University of Jordan Vol:32 .

  1. The Political Culture of the Jordanian Society:Tribal,National,and Islamic Dimensions (2007) ,Dirasat :

    University of Jordan Vol:34.

  1. The National Security in the light of the Context of the Soft Power (2007) ,In French.

  2. The Jordanian Political Elite (2007), (To be published)

    1. The Educational Plan Committee.

    2. The High Studies Committee.

3- The Equalization materials Committee.

  1. Master Students Admission Committee.

  2. Member of Faculty Board (1986-1991) (1999-2005).

    IX. Membership of the Academic Organization

  1. The Arabic Association for Political Sciences.

  2. The Arabic Organization for Human Rights.

  3. The International Affaires Association /Amman.

  4. The Arabic Forum.

  5. The Scientific Committee of the New Jordanian

    Studies' Center /Amman.

  1. The Political Sciences Committee in Al Albayt University.

  2. The High National Committee for Supporting Culture & Art.

  3. Afkar Magazine's Editing Panel , Ministry of Culture.

  4. Publishing Committee, Ministry of Culture.

  5. Estimator for Standardization of Politics Sections , Ministry of Education.

  6. Programs' Planning Committee in the Jordan Diplomatic Institute.

    1. The First Strategic Conference about the Arabic Order , The Status quo and The Future Challenges

    (1987) Centre for Strategic Studies: University of Jordan and Centre for Strategic Studies: Alahram.

    1. The Political Sciences Arabic Association Conference about "The Political Regimes in the Arabic World,

    The Regional and International Dimensions" (1988) Amman-Jordan..

    1. Session of Teaching Political Sciences in the Arabic Universities (1989) Cairo.

    2. Session of "Gulf Crisis and the New World System" (1991) Islamic Studies Center, Amman.

    3. Session of" Political Pluralism in the Arabic World" (1983) Arabic Thought Forum ,Amman .

    4. Session of "Charles Degoul and the Arabic World" (1989) Arabic Thought Forum ,Amman.

    5. Session of " Arabic-Soviet Dialogue" (1991) Arabic Thought Forum , Amman.

    6. Session of the " Arabic Unity Today" (1991) ,The French Council & Arabic Thought Forum.

    7. Session of "Evaluating the National & Arabic Studies & Researches" (1997), Al Fateh University,Libya.

    8. Session of " Establishing a New Arabic World " (1992) Arab Association for Sociology & Arabic Thought Forum, Tunis.

    9. Conference of the " Political & Demographic Changes in Jordan" (1993) Centre for Strategic Studies ,

    University of Jordan ,Amman.

    1. The Second Strategic Arabic Conference, Amman (1994), Centre for Strategic Studies:

    University of Jordan & Centre for Strategic Studies: AlAhram .

    1. "The Jordanian Democratic Track Conference: Reality and Perspectives " (1994) , Jordan's new Centre for Studies & German Foundation Eibert.

    2. "Democracy in the Arabic World" (1994), Association of International Affairs, Amman.

    3. The Third Conference of "Woman in the Politics Field " (1994) Amman.

    4. The "New World Order and the Gulf Security" (1996) Tahran, Iran.

    5. "The Philosophy of State under new international Situation" (1996) , Intellectual Forum of the Association of Jordanian Writers, Amman.

- And Another Regional and International Conferences.

    XI. Delivered Subjects for B.A. Studies : (Courses)

  1. Principles of Political Sciences.

  2. Introduction to Sociology.

  3. Principles of the International Relations.

  4. The International Law.

  5. Theories in International Relations.

  6. The Arabic-Israel Conflict.

  7. The Political Parties.

  8. The Jordanian Political Regime.

  9. The International Conflicts.

  10. Comparative Political Regimes (1 &2).

  11. Regional & International Organizations.

  12. Negotiations & Simulations.

  13. The Foreign Policy of Great Powers.

  14. The Political Regime in Israel.

  15. The Arabic World in the International Relations.

  16. Regional Studies, Session.

  17. The Political Development

  18. Counselor and Diplomatic Relations.

  19. Recent Issues in the International Relations.

  20. Norms of international relations

21- Comparative Governments ,Research and analysis method , Session.

22- Political regimes in the Arab world.

    XII. Delivered Materials To Master Level

  1. Theories of International Relations.

  2. Comparative Foreign Policy.

  3. Comparative Governments.

  4. The International Political Order.

  5. Jordan in the International Relations.

  6. The International Dialogue.

  7. Studies in the International Relations.

  8. Studies in the International Organization.

  9. Diplomacy & Negotiations.

  10. Middle East in the International Relations.

  11. The Political Development.

*Supervising Ph.D & M.A Thesis:

Supervising over a large number of Ph.D & M.A Thesis since (1991-2005)

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