The script file extension is assumed to be. Tem if not otherwise specified. The configuration file extension must be. Tp. Temc requires that you have an existing

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=========================================================================== =========================================================================== TEMC.DOC =========================================================================== Turbo Editor macros =========================================================================== TEMC.EXE is an editor macro compiler for the IDE. It processes a script file that defines editor macros and key bindings, and produces a configuration file that is read by the IDE to define the effects of keyboard commands in the editor. The file DEFAULTS.TEM contains the default macro definitions and key bindings built into the IDE editor. It serves as an example script, as well as a base from which to customize the editor. Several other .TEM files are also provided for your convenience. =========================================================================== TEMC command line =========================================================================== TEMC is invoked from the DOS command line. Type temc [-c]

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