The Republic of Texas 1836-1845 Notes, part1 Treaty of Velasco

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Name___________________________ Date____________ Period_________

The Republic of Texas 1836-1845 Notes, part1

Treaty of Velasco

  • After ______________________________, Santa Anna was forced to sign the Treaty of Velasco. This treaty ended the ________________________ and gave Texas its _____________________________.

  • It had two parts, one public and one secret: 

  • The ______________________ part of the treaty made Santa Anna agree to never _____________ against Texas again and to withdraw all troops out of Texas.

  • The secret part of the treaty made Santa Anna promise to get Mexico to ________________ Texas independence and set the southern border of Texas as the _________________________.

Problems in the New Republic

  • The new Republic of Texas faced many problems:  

  • It had no ___________________ and was in debt from the Texas ____________________.

  • Mexico would not acknowledge its ____________________________ and disputed its territory

  • _____________ Americans were upset by new __________ coming onto their lands.

Houston as Texas President

  • Sam Houston was elected the first ____________________ of Texas.

  • He chose a very experienced __________________ (advisors) to help him including Stephen F. ______________________ as Secretary of State.

President Houston’s solutions to the problems

  • Sam Houston focused on restricting government __________________ and establishing good _______________________ relations

  • Moved the Capital of Texas to the new city of _________________________.

  • He was very cautious and wanted to prevent war with ___________________ and the Indians.

  • He believed the best thing for Texas would be ________________________ to the U.S.

The Texas Question

  • Most Texans wanted Texas to become part of the _____________________________ including President Sam Houston.

  • But ________________________ in the U.S. did not want to see the expansion of ___________________ into new U.S. territory.

The ______________________________ Compromise of 1820 had limited the amount of future Slaves states and Texas would disrupt the _____________________________.

Death of Stephen F. Austin

  • Austin served in the new government for three months before he _____________________ of pneumonia on December 27th, 1836, he was 43

  • President Houston proclaimed a 30-day period of ___________________________ and said “The Father of Texas is no more; the first pioneer of the wilderness has departed."

The Republic of Texas 1836-1845 Notes, part 2

Presidential Terms

  • The Texas Constitution limited the first President to a term of only ___________ years.

  • It was soon changed to ______________ years.

  • In addition no President could be elected two times in a _______.

Mirabeau Lamar

  • After Houston, Mirabeau _____________ was elected President. He was very different than Houston

  • Lamar wanted Texas to stay an ____________________ country and expand Texas’ __________________________.

  • Used the Texas army to fight the _______________ for their land.

  • He built a _________________ to fight Mexico

  • He believed in government _______________, set aside land for public ______________, and moved the capital to ___________.

  • Because of this Texas fell deeper in ________________.

The Santa Fe Expedition 1841

  • Lamar sent the Santa Fe Expedition of around _________ men to __________ the city of Santa Fe and try to convince the people there they should be loyal to the _____________ Government.

  • The expedition was an attempt to gain control over the Santa Fe ________________ and control the New Mexico territory.

  • The Santa Fe expedition was a _______________. The Texans were attacked constantly by ____________, got _____________, and when they finally arrived in New Mexico a Mexican Army of 1,500 troops surrounded them and they were forced to _______________.

  • The prisoners were marched 2,000 miles to the Mexican city of Perote and held for a _____________________.

Sam Houston’s Second Term

  • After the ______________ of the Santa Fe Expedition, most Texans lost faith in Lamar’s vision for _________________.

  • In 1841 ________________________ was re-elected for a second term in office. He would reinstall his policies in Texas government:

    • Restrict _________ and restore ___________ with Mexico

    • One of his first actions was to _____________ the Texas Navy which cost too much

Santa Anna returns to Mexico

  • After being held _____________ in Texas and then being in exile in the United States, ____________________ is allowed to return to Mexico in 1838.

  • The Mexican Government had no use for him so he was forced to ___________________ to his hacienda. (Ranch)

  • But after _________________ invaded Mexico in the so called “Pastry War” Santa Anna was asked to lead the army again.

  • He led the Mexican forces to _____________ against the French. Santa Anna was wounded in the leg and eventually had to have his leg amputated. Exploiting his wounds with eloquent propaganda, Santa Anna came back to power.

  • He __________________ the presidency in 1838

Invasion of Texas

  • In response to the Santa Fe Expedition, in early March 1842 Santa Anna ordered his army to cross the _______________ and occupy San Antonio. After a few days they returned to Mexico.

  • In September the Mexican government was determined to keep the Texas frontier in turmoil. Santa Anna ordered Adrián Woll to attack ____________________ again and informed the Mexican Congress that he planned to _____________________ Texas.

  • President _________________ ordered the Texas Army to attack the _________________ Army.

  • The Texans defeated them at the Battle of _______________ and the Mexicans retreated back to Mexico.

  • During the battle 36 Texans were surrounded by Mexican cavalry and killed. This is know as the “_________________ Massacre”

The Archives War

  • As you probably guessed ______________ and _____________ were bitter rivals. So when Houston was elected President again in 1841 the last thing he wanted was to serve in “_____________ Capital.”

  • After the two brief Mexican invasions that captured San Antonio, (only 70 miles away from Austin) Houston decided Austin was _______________ and moved the capital to Washington-on-the-Brazos. (110 miles east)

  • President Houston ordered the removal of the Texas’__________ from Austin and assigned Texas Army Colonel Thomas Smith and Captain Eli Chandler to bring them to Washington-on-the-Brazos without bloodshed.

  • Smith and Chandler with a small group of soldiers entered _________________ in the dead of night on December 29, 1842.

  • As they loaded archives stored in the General Land Office Building into wagons, Angelina Eberly was awakened by the noise. She ran outside and fired a _________________, alerting the town that something was happening.

  • Smith and Chandler fled with three wagons full of archival material. The Soldiers were caught by a armed group from Austin and the archives were returned to Austin.

  • The Texas _______________ War ended without anyone getting hurt.

Map of the Republic of Texas

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