The Hatton, Dutton and Vernon Families of Hatton, Leading to Richard, Baron of St Saveur and Viscount of the Cotentise, Normandy

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The Hatton, Dutton and Vernon Families of Hatton, Leading to Richard, Baron of St Saveur and Viscount of the Cotentise, Normandy
Ormerod’s “History of Cheshire and the County Palatine” gives a complete pedigree of the families of Vernon, Dutton and Hatton, of Hatton, Cheshire. Their lines lead back to Ivon, Viscount of Cotentin, a Norman Baron, born around 1026. Viscount Ivo married Emma ca 1042, daughter of Geoffrey, Count of Bretagne and the latter’s wife, Hedwige, who was the daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. These individuals are ancient ancestors of Michael Gregory.
Eleanor Massey married Arthur Glegg, Michael Gregory’s ancestor1. Eleanor’s great-great grandmother was Katherine Vernon, daughter of Ralph Vernon. She married Hamon Massey of Potington.
Ralph de Vernon married Margaret Brailsford, daughter of Ralph Brailsford. Ralph de Vernon’s father was called Robert and he died in 1333. He married Annabel, daughter of Geoffrey de Oakes. Annabel was born in 1320. The father of Robert was Sir Ralph de Vernon, born in 1307 in Shipbrooke. Sir Ralph married Matilda, the sole heiress of John de Hatton.
Matilda’s grandfather was Sir Hugh de Hatton, Lord of Hatton and half of Waverton. He was Sheriff of Chester in the 56th year of the reign of Henry III and again in the 3rd year of Edward I’s reign. His wife, and the mother of his sons, John, Hugh and Richard, was Margaret, the daughter of Sir John de Arderne. The line can be traced back in Ormerod a further 9 generations to Wilfrid als Wolfaith, one of the five brothers of Nigel, Baron of Halton. These brothers came over with William the Conqueror. Their parents were Ivon, Viscount of Cotentin, Normandy and his wife Emma, referred to above. One of the other brothers was called Eustace.
A grandson of Ivon was another Wolfaith (perhaps named after his uncle?) whose daughter was Margery of Hatton. She married Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton2. These are also Michael Gregory’s direct ancestors. There are therefore two lines of known descent from Viscount Ivon.
The father of Viscount Ivo was Neil II De St Saveur, born in France around 1000. This is referred to by Ormerod. He indicates that the Viscounts of the Cotentise were the St Saveur’s. The Barony of St Saveur was created by Rollo (another ancestor of Michael Gregory through several lines) in favour of Richard de St Saveur, one of his chief commanders. Richard’s son was Neel or Nigel, Viscount of Cotentin. On the demise of Robert of Normandy, William, his son (afterwards the Conqueror), on being declared heir to the Crown, found himself opposed. The Duchy became involved in war, according to the Roman de Rou and suffered greatly through Neel de Cotentin, otherwise St Sauveur, and Renoulf de Beesin, two Viscounts of great power. William fled to the King of France and soon afterwards a French army met the chief Barons of Normandy at Val de Dunes, near Caen, A.D. 1047: and it seems that the Cotentise would have gained the day but for the defection, just before the battle, of Raol Tesson de Cingueleiz, and the cowardice of Renoulf de Bricasard, Viscount of the Bessin. “But” says the Chronicle, “Neel de Cotentin fought on gallantly, and if all had been like him, the French King would have come an evil hour. He was called, on account of his valour and skill, his bravery and noble bearing “Chef de Faucon”; Noble Chef de Faucon was his title. After the battle, Neel found refuge in his castle of Brionne sur Rille, and did not humble himself, and William was prudently gracious”. At the Battle of Hastings, Neel de St Saveur exerted himself much to earn the love and good will of his Lord. He overthrew many with the poitrail of his horse, and came with his sword to the rescue of many a Baron. It is reported by M. Odulent Desnos (Hist. D’Alencon I. 149) that Neel was slain in 1074 in a battle near Cardiff; and Neel, his son, died in 1092, as by the account of his relation, Bishop Jeffrey de Mowbray’s desire to attend his funeral (Mem. Ant. Norm. 1. 286, II. 46.).
It is interesting to also note that Ormerod refers to the claim of Palgrave that the Vernon family is descended from the Cotentise through Nigel FitzNeel of Nehon.

Date of Report: 4 January 2008

The Lines of Descent of Michael Gregory From The Baron of St Saveur, and Viscounts

of the Cotentise, Normandy

Richard, Baron de St Saveur =

Viscount of the Cotentise

Neel I de St Saveur =

Neel II de St Saveur =

b. ca 1000, France

Richard I of Normandy =

Geoffrey, Count of Bretagne = Hedwige

Ivon, Viscount of Cotentin = Emma

b. ca 1020, (Normandy)

Nigel, Baron of Halton Eustace Wolfrid als Wolfaith FitzIvon, = [---?---]

Lord of Halton by gift of his brother


William de Hatton = Emma Richard Wolfaithe, o.s.p.m. = [---?---]

2nd Baron of Halton

Constable of Chester

d. 1133

Robert de Hatton = Eleanor (called Margaret by some) Margery = Gilbert de Venables, Baron of Kinderton, 1086

Dau and heir of Gilbert de

Crispyn, a Norman Baron

See Pedigree of Hatton of Hatton and Vernon and See Venables Pedigree (below)

Dutton of Hatton (below), reproduced from

Ormerod’s “A History of Cheshire and the

County Palatine”, leading to:

Katherine Vernon [aet 17 years, 12 Ric 2] wife

Of Hamon de Mascy of Podington

See Massey Pedigree (below)

Hatton of Hatton and Vernon and Dutton of Hatton. (Reproduced from Ormerod, “A History of Chester and the County Palatine”, p. 795.)

The Massey (Mascy) Family of Puddington, Cheshire (From Ormerod’s Cheshire 2nd. Ed.)

Edward Glegg of Grange, Margaret Glegg of Gayton, their descendants to Arthur Glegg, who Married Eleanor Massey (Reproduced from Ormerod’s History of Cheshire, p.492)

ARTHUR GLEGGE of Gayton = ELEANOR, daughter

esq, finally heir to his nephew of John Massy of

William Glegg, living [13 Puddington, esq

Hen. 8, and] 1566

THOMAS GLEGG, second ELIZABETH, eldest WILLIAM GLEGG = MARY, daughter and coheiress KATHERINE GLEGG.

Son, bur. At Heswall, daughter, o.s.p. of Gayton, esq. of Edward Plankeney, of ELIZABETH, wife of John

Jan 18, 1616 [MARGERY] wife bur. At Heswall, Chester, buried at Prescot, Aldersey, alderman of the

EDWARD GLEGG, third of Peter Bold of Dec 6 1629 co. Lancaster, May 12, 1597. City of Chester.

Son Upton, gent ELEANOR GLEGG.

MARY GLEGG, ELIZABETH GLEGG, baptized EDWARD GLEGG of Gayton, = ISABELLA, dau of Robert JOHN GLEGG, 2d son, bapt at

Baptized at at Heswall, Sep 14, 1576. esq. bapt. At Heswall, Aug. Mainwaring of Merton Heswall, Jul 14, 1575, bur. There, Jan

Heswall, July JANE GLEGG, baptized at 1, 1568, and there buried, Sands, bur at Heswall, 4, 1619, represented on a brass plate

30, 1570 Heswall, Feb 21, 1581 Feb 29 [sic], 1623 Feb. 17, 1623 now affixed to the east wall of the

chancel, 1816.

JOHN GLEGG, second EDWARD GLEGG, bap- WILLIAM GLEGG = CICELY, dau of Robert Sephton, MARGARET, wife of ELIZABETH, wife

son, bapt. At White- tized at Heswall, of Gayton, esq. of Mollington, eldest sister and Ralph Morgell of of Valentine

Gate, Jul 24, 1591. Nov 30, 1593 bapt. At White- coheiress of Thomas Sephton of Moston Hall, esq. Whitmore of

GEORGE GLEGG, bap- ARTHUR GLEGG, bap- gate, Jan 29, Mollington, baptized at Back- baptized at Hes- Thurstanton,

tized at Heswall, tized at Heswall, 1589-90, bur. at ford, Mar. 3, 1593, died at wall, Oct. 28, 1587, married at Hes-

Sep 29, 1592 Apr. 1, 1600 Heswall, Oct. Thurstanston, buried at died Oct 12, 1627, wall, May 1646.

24, 1656. Heswall, Ap. 3, 1662. bur. at Backford.


Eldest son and heir apparent baptized Jan 10, daughter of of Gayton, esq. daughter of Heswall, Feb. 16, 1614. Rose, co. Derb.

Born 1611, baptized at 1628, buried at Hes- sir Henry 2d son and heir, Edward ANNE, bapt at Heswall gent. Bap. Jan 24

Heswall, Aug 28, bur May wall , Jan 25, 1629. Delves of baptized at Pickford, Aug 19, 1629 obs inf 1629

23, 1612. CHARLES GLEGG, Doddington; Heswall, Aug. citizen of bapt. At Heswall, Nov. MARY, bap. at

JOHN GLEGG, married baptized at Heswall, bart. Married 24, 1615, mar- London, 9, 1620. Heswall, Dec. 2,

….., dau of ….. Mandrake, Jan 28, 1631. July 22, ried 3rdly, at o.s.p. CICELY, wife of Thos. 1632, ob. inf.

citizen of London, died in WILLIAM GLEGG, 1650, buried Heswall, Sep. 1649. Browne of Upton, gent. HANNAH, bap at

Ireland, s.p. baptized at Heswall, at Heswall, 20, 1671, Judith 1st wife. Bap. At Heswall, May 23, Heswall, Jan 1,

RALPH GLEGG, baptized Oct 10, 1633. Aug. 1666. Hughes of Dis- 1624, bur. at the same 1634, ob. inf.

At Heswall, Jan 28, 1621, ROBERT GLEGG, 2d wife. serth; died May place, Oct. 1661. MARGERY, bap

Buried Mar 3, 1621. married ……, dau of 26, 1687, buried ANNE, bapt. At Hes- at Heswall, Sep

Sir …. Sherlock, died Jun. 1, at wall, Aug. 19, 1629, 13, 1635, bur

in Ireland, s.p. Heswall. Ob. infans. there Oct 12 1635


GLEGG. GLEGG. daughter daughter of of Caldey William Glegg GLEGG, bur.

of …. Roger Grange, esq. of Gayton, esq by at West

Moss, Lowndes of aged 42 at the Cicely, daughter Kirkby

Obiit Sept. Overton Visitation of to Robert Sephton Aug. 2

2, 1697 co. Cest. 1664, born 1622, of Mollington, 1663.

Obiit June married Anne, [gent., not] A daughter,

5, 1675 dau. of … esq., sister and co- and four

aged 51 Thelwall, esq. heir to Thomas younger

years. 3d. wife, who Sephton. 1st wife sons

died s.p.
HANNAH, only daugh. = JOHN GLEGG of JANE, daughter of John Scorer = EDWARD GLEGG of Irby, WILLIAM GLEGG of = ?…. MARGARET

Obiit Sept 19, 1729, Tranmore, gent. Of Westminster, gent. Buried esq. 2d son, obiit Dec Grange, esq. son dau of GLEGG

Bur. At West Kirby, 3d son, living at Thurstanston, Mar 7, 1720 15, 1703, a aetat. 45; and heir, aged 11 ….

a aet. 41 Had iss. 1703 a aet 46 buried at Thurstanston years 1664.

PRUDENCE, ROGER, died ANNE, wife of the JOHN GLEGG of = FRANCES, eldest dau EDWARD GLEGG of = ELIZ, dau MARGARET,

SILENCE, unmarried Rev John Urmson Irby, esq. Eldest of Henry Birkenhead Caldey Grange, esq. and heiress wife of …

Died young Decem. 7, of Neston, ob. Feb. son and heir, ob. Of Backford, and co- obiit Aug 4, 1714, of John Becket,

1777 6, 1769, aged 61 May 14, 1768 heiress of her uncle aged 33 years, buried Kent of buried at

Vide Backford Thomas Birkenhead at West Kirby Tranmore Haselwall,


GLEGGS of DEBORAH, 2d dau. And coheiress = WILLIAM GLEGG of Grange, esq EDWARD GLEGG, JOHN GLEGG = MARY, dau ABIGAIL,

Backford of Henry Birkenhead of Backford baptized at West Kirby, Dec 28, baptized at West of Grange, esq. … Carr of bapt. 1708

Esq re-married to Lt Colonel 1704, died Dec 21, 1739, without Kirby, July 1706, born 1712, ob. Liverpool SILENCE

Charles Crosbie, o.s.p. surviving issue o.s.p. April 23, 1749 ob. Feb 28, bapt. 1710

1758, aet 39
FRANCES, daugh. of = WILLIAM GLEGG, esq. only son = SIDNEY, dau of … MARY. MARGARET, obiit CATHERINE,

Thomas Jennings, and heir, who sold the estate Lloyd, living at Parkgate, FRANCES. Nov. 2, 1749 obiit, March 1746

1st wife 1814

The Glegge Family (Ancestors of Michael Gregory)
Sidney Lloyd = William Glegge = Frances Jennings

b. 1752/53 b. ca 1750

m. 1774 d. 1785

d. 27 Mar 1822

bur Neston

Admon. 1822


b. 1775

d. 20 Feb 1843 (Cheshire)

Thomas Glegge = Catherine Davies Francis Glegge Frances William [-?-] [-?-]

b. ca 1775 dau of Wm Davies d. By 1851?

Mariner (1800) (Ropemaker)

Mariner (1806) b. 1777 (St John’s Liverpool)

d. 4 Feb 1818 m. Nov 1793

d. 4 Nov 1859

Living at Elm Terrace

Tranmere (1851) Proprietor of Houses

Thomas Glegge = Mary Miller Mary Glegge = Humphrey Thomas William

b. 1800 (Liverpool) b. 1808 (Liverpool) b. 22 May 1806 b. 1 Jan 1807 b. 12 July 1803

Master Mariner Living 5 Osborne m. 3 Jan 1828 m. 3 Jan 1828 d. By 1836?

d. 18 Aug 1848 Terrace Liverpool d. 7 Jan 1885 d. 13 Jan 1877

William Glegge Emily Thomas Glegge Thomas = Eliza Catherine George

b. 1838 (Liverpool) b. 1834 (Liverpool) architect b. 9 Sep 1826

Living at 5 Osborne Living at 5 Osborne b. 11 Jun 1829 m. 25 Sep 1851

Terrace, Liverpool (1851) Terrace, Liverpool Tranmere, Cheshire Walton on the Hill

(1851) d. 18 Nov 1881 Lancashire

Tranmere (age 52)

See Below

Line of Descent from Thomas Glegge Thomas to Michael Gregory


b. 11 Jun 1829 b. 9 Sep 1828

Architect m. 25 Sep 1851




Shopkeeper b. 30 Oct 1853 Tranmere b. 1 Nov 1855 Tranmere GLEGGE THOMAS b. 14 Apr 1865

b. 1854 bp. 13 Jul 1854 ALFRED THOMAS b. 1 Nov 1855 (Tranmere) MARTHA EMILY

St Nicholas’ Church, Liverpool b. ca 1856 Tranmere b. ca 1862


b. ca 1857-60 b. 20 Jan 1871



Report and Genealogy Chart b. ca 1858 b. 14 Dec 1863 b. ca 1868 (Chester)

No 8 Architect (1881) d. 30 Nov 1945

d. aged 75 (?) in 1934

Frederick John Hall Gregory = Annie Blake

b. 29 Oct 1884 b. 8 Apr 1886 in Mold, Clwyd

Glen Parva Barracks, Leicester m. 5 Nov 1906 St James RC DORRIT M EDWARD THOMAS

Church, Colchester b. ca 1890 (Neston) b. ca 1892 (Neston)


b. ca 1897 (Neston) b. ca 1895 (Neston)


b. ca 1888 (Neston) b. ca 1887 (Birkenhead)

Frederick William Gregory = Margaret Mary O’Neill WINSOME WINIFRED C THOMAS

Colchester m. 26 December 1929, St Chad’s Church, b. ca 1890 b. ca 1894 (Neston)

b. 25 Dec 1906 Colchester Cheetham Hill, Manchester AUBREY GLEGGE THOMAS

d. 1 March 1975 Blackburn d. 10 July 1989 in Wigan b. after 1881 b. after 1881

See O’Neill Family

History Report and Genealogy Chart No 3
Malcolm Peter Gregory = Bernadette Caffrey

b. 26 February 1935 b. 13 April 1934, Blackburn

Hayfield, Manchester m. 21 July 1956, St Peter’s RC Church, See Caffrey Family History Report and Genealogy Chart No 2

Blackburn d. 2001 Blackburn

d. 2001 Blackburn

Michael Peter Gregory See Gregory Family History Report and Genealogy Chart No 1

1 See: Gregory, M.P., (2006), “The Glegg(e) Family of Cheshire”, Personal Family History Record.

2 See: Gregory, M.P., (2007), “The Venables Family of Kinderton”, Personal Family History Record.

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