The crop production and livestock (wattle production) rules

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1. These Rules may be cited as the Crop Production and Livestock (Wattle Production) Rules.

2. Wattle shall come under the operation of the Act.

3. For the purposes of these Rules, "inspector" means any agricultural officer or, in the case of land in special areas, any administrative officer or agricultural officer working under his instructions.

4. An inspector may enter upon any land on which he has reason to believe wattle {Acacia spp.) is growing.

5. The variety of wattle known asAcacia dealbata(silver wattle) shall not be grown.

6. (1) Only the varieties of wattle known asAcacia moilissima(black wattle).Acacia decurrens(green wattle) andAcaciapycnanthashall be grown.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in paragraph (1) of this rule, any other varieties of wattle may be grown where an inspector is satisfied—

(a) that other varieties are grown for purposes other than the production of bark; and

(b) that the bark of such other varieties will not be sold; and

(c) that, if the bark ofAcacia pycnanthais sold. it will be kept separate from the bark of other varieties.

7. No wattle seed shall be sold or offered for sale except under a permit first obtained from an inspector, and an inspector shall not issue a permit until he has satisfied himself by inspection of the plantation from which the seed is to be sold that the seed is of the varietyAcacia mollissima,the varietyAcacia decurrensor the varietyAcacia pycnantha.

Provided that wattle seed of other varieties, other thanAcacia dealbata,may be sold where it is shown to the satisfaction of an inspector that such wattle seed is to be planted for purposes other than the production of bark.

8. Any person who continues to grow a variety of wattle other thanAcacia mollissima, Acacia decurrens or Acacia pycnanthaafter due warning has been given by an inspector shall be guilty of a contravention of these Rules.

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