The Adna Dale Kiser Memorial Vocational/Technical Scholarship

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The Adna Dale Kiser Memorial

Vocational/Technical Scholarship

Adna Dale Kiser’s descendants came to Bureau County in 1843. He was born in Dover, Illinois in 1918 to Louis and Ruth McRae Kiser. He served in World War II in the Asiatic Campaign as a Carpenters Mate in the United States Navy. Kiser attended Chicago Technical College in Chicago, Illinois. He was a Journeyman Carpenter and a member of Local 792 in Rockford, Illinois at the time of his death in January of 1964.
One non-renewable $500.00 scholarship will be awarded in his memory to a Princeton High School senior who intends to pursue a bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university in the field of construction technology or construction management. Student application criteria:

1) be a member of the class of 2012

2) submit two letters of recommendation
3) demonstrate financial need
4) display academic achievement, citizenship, and leadership

(submit a list of your activities, clubs, organizations and

positions held)
Applications are available in the guidance office at Princeton High School. Applications must be returned to Brian Church, Guidance Director at Princeton High School no later than Thursday, March 29, 2012.
All applications will be judged by a committee consisting of a representative from the family, the Division Chair of the Vocational and Technical Education Department and the Guidance Director at Princeton High School.

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