Thank you for choosing Historical Hall

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Thank you for choosing Historical Hall

The Bedford Historical Society was formed in 1916 to acquire its first property, the former Methodist Church, now known as Historical Hall. The church was originally at Bedford Four Corners but it was moved in 1837 to its current location on the west end of the Village Green.


Please make arrangements to obtain the key to Historical Hall by calling the Historical Society one week in advance of your event at 234-9751. Deliver the balance of your rental fee, the cleaning fee, and a separate check for your damage deposit when you pick up the key if you haven’t already mailed your payments. For your protection and for the security of the Hall, you are responsible for the key you obtain and for admitting your caterer, delivery people, etc., to the building. Please return the key promptly after your event.

Keys & Entry

  • Key operates the driveway side door of the building

  • To keep this door open, use the hook on the building (Please do not use a rock as it damages the wood door)

  • All other doors are opened only from the inside of the building

  • To open the front door, slide the latch to the right. This will release the left door

  • To open the right door, pull up on the latch at the base then pull down on the latch at the top (the top latch is on a spring and will latch automatically when the door is closed. Be sure to slide the bottom latch back into place when securing the door. In case of high humidity, it may be necessary to line up both doors and gently pull them closed together)

  • The door to the patio will lock automatically when closed. Be careful not to lock yourself out

Equipment & Supplies

  • The Hall is equipped with paper towels for the kitchen and toilet paper for the restrooms

  • All other niceties must be provided by the lessee

  • The kitchen consists of a large refrigerator, two ovens and range tops (eight burners), a sink and countertops with shelves. There is no freezer. There is adequate amperage and space for a microwave.

  • The Historical Society has 80 brown, aluminum cushioned chairs, four aluminum tables (72"x30") and a standing, lighted podium which can be made available upon request. A portable public address system is available for a rental fee of $75. Please contact the office in advance if you wish to use any of the above

Sound Ordinance

  • Town Law dictating noise restrictions requires that sound levels in excess of 65db, (i.e. live music) cease by 11:00 PM on Sunday through Thursday nights and by 12:30 AM on Saturday or Sunday mornings. In deference to our neighbors, please keep the doors closed if you have loud music

Lights & Electricity

  • Light switch for lights inside and outside the driveway is inside to the left of the door

  • Light switches for the stairwells to the balcony and to the stage level are in the stairwells

  • Light switch for the front outside light is to the left of the front door

  • All other light switches are near the electrical panel in the foyer outside the kitchen and bathrooms

  • The light switches for the chandelier and balcony lights will turn them on to full power. (Use only the dimmer if you want to adjust the strength of the light)

  • Please turn off all lights when you leave except the exit sign lights, which must remain on by law

  • A separate switch operates the floor receptacles on the stage where there is adequate amperage for speakers, music, etc.

  • If you lose power in an area, call the office (914) 234-9751 or cellular phone (914) 924-9099 for instructions. (You may need to redistribute your electrical needs)

  • Use the exhaust fan in the kitchen only as it was designed to be used. Do not prop open the fan door or disable the fan. Pull the chain to close the door, which turns off the fan when you leave the building

Heat & Air Conditioning

  • The heat and air-conditioning are typically at a suitable temperature but they can be adjusted if needed

  • When the heat or a/c are on, please keep the doors closed at all times to ensure a comfortable temperature

  • When using a tent, the self-locking patio door may be left open during the event

  • Please do not attempt to use the Hall’s air conditioning to cool your tent. The air conditioned will overheat and stop cooling

Care of the Building

The floor at Historical Hall requires your consideration in order to preserve its finish

  • Please do not drag tables and chairs across the floor

  • Wipe up any spills promptly with a paper towel or damp mop

  • Please keep in mind that according to your rental agreement, "no nails, screws, hooks, picture hangers, or scotch tape" may be used on the walls, floors or columns. Decorations may be hung only from preexisting hooks and eyes

  • Please do not lean tables or chairs up against the walls or columns as they make marks or chip the paint

  • Instruct your caterer and party rental company to stack party supplies on the floor


  • Parking is available in the town lot across the street in front of St. Patrick's Church, or in legal parking spaces in the village

  • Do not park or allow your guests to park on or along the Village Green. (No Parking signs are posted and you may be ticketed)

  • Any commercial vehicles must be parked in the side lot or elsewhere

  • No vehicles may be left in the driveway on Monday night as garbage pick-up occurs early Tuesday morning


  • By town law, signs are not permitted on any part of the Village Green including the small triangle in front of Historical Hall

  • You may post one tasteful sign, no larger than four feet by three feet in front of the hall.


  • Smoking is not permitted in the building

  • The use of open grate grills and smoke or fog making machines is prohibited

Clean-Up, Garbage & Leaving the Hall

You must bring your own garbage bags & leave the Hall as you found it

  • Please leave the hall as you found it by removing everything you brought in. (The Hall must be left free of debris and decorations and the refrigerator and cabinets empty)

  • Don’t forget to check the ovens and remove any food or trays

  • Close the fan above the stove if you used it

  • Brooms, etc., are located in the closet in the foyer outside the kitchen

  • Tables, chairs, caterers’ items, if not removed at the end of your event, can be picked up by 10 a.m. the following morning unless other arrangements are made in advance

  • A cleaning crew arrives the following morning to clean for the next event

  • You must bring your own garage bags

  • The garbage dumpster is located at the rear of the driveway, behind the gate

  • Please empty all trash receptacles from the kitchen and restrooms and put all garbage in the dumpster and be sure the lid is closed. If the capacity is insufficient, leave the tied garbage bags in the kitchen. Do not leave any garbage outside or the raccoons will make a mess

  • We are unable to accommodate recycling (If you would like to recycle, you must take the recyclables away with you when you leave)

  • Please do not litter the outside the Hall

  • Do not use confetti, sparkles, etc. (You can use biodegradable confetti substitutes such as birdseed, rose petals or rice)

  • Cigarette butts should be extinguished and deposited in containers that you provide for the event

  • Please remove any exterior decorations and/or signs

  • Please check the exterior & stonewalls for bottles or glasses that your guests may have left behind

  • Be sure to turn off all lights as noted above and check that all windows and doors are closed and locked including those in the bathrooms




There are fire extinguishers on the stage and in the kitchen and in the balcony

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY call - 911

  • The Bedford Police call - 241-3111

  • During Office Hours call the Bedford Historical Society – 234-9751

  • Non-Office Hours call Lynn Ryan, Executive Director – cell (914) 924-9099

  • Ben Branch, Properties Consultant – 241-0342 or cell (914) 582-5079

  • Scott Sobocinski, Superintendent - cell (914) 629-8813

612 Old Post Road PO Box 491 Bedford, NY 10506


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