Technical Presentation Schedule (Final) All talks will be in Michelson Hall, Room 110

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Technical Presentation Schedule (Final)

  • All talks will be in Michelson Hall, Room 110.

  • Each presentation is 25 minutes long.

  • There will be a 10-minute break after every two presentations.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005
Session 1 (Chair: Prof. Reza Malek-Madani, Mathematics Department)
0755-0820: Dr. Ruth Doherty, NSWC-Indian Head, IH1, Improving the Sensitivity of Explosives Through the Use of Reduced Sensitivity Ingredients: Specification of Materials
0820-0845: Dr. James Restorff, NSWC-Carderock, C5, Magnetoelastic Transducer, Energy Source, and Sensor Materials
0845-0855: Break
0855-0920: Ms. Patricia Hamburger, NSWC-Dahlgren, D2, Human System Integration
0920-0945: Dr. Kim Cipolla, NUWC, Drag Measurements on Long Thin Cylinders at Small Angles and High Reynolds Number

0945-0955: Break

Session 2 (Chair: Prof. Jim D’Archangelo, Mathematics Department)
0955-1020: Dr. Anna Leese de Escobar, SPAWAR, S3, Superconducting RF (SuRF) Systems for the Navy: A Paradigm Shift Unfolding
1020-1045: Ms. Deborah Furey, NSWC-Carderock, and Dr. Kim Cipolla, NUWC, C4, Hydrodynamics of Thinline Towed Arrays
1045-1055: Break
1055-1120: Dr. Harold Sandusky, NSWC-Indian Head, IH2, Overview of Unintentional Explosive Reactions
1120-1145: Dr. Allen Parks, NSWC-Dahlgren, D5, Weak Measurement, Weak Values, and Weak Energy
1145-1330 Lunch Break

Session 3 (Chair: Prof. Angela Moran, Mechanical Engineering Department)

1330-1355: Open
1355-1420: Dr. Sue Peiris, NSWC-Indian Head, IH6, Static High Pressure/Temperature Studies of Energetic Materials
1420-1430: Break
1430-1455: Mr. Douglas Ochsenknecht, NSWC-Dahlgren, D11, Counter- Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office
1455-1520: Dr. Jerry Smith, NSWC-Carderock, C8, Modeling Forward Scattering and Multi-path Phenomena

Thursday, 22 September 2005
Session 4 (Chair: Prof. Reza Malek-Madani, Mathematics Department)
0755-0820: Dr. Jean Piquette, N6, NUWC, Physical Modeling and Measurements of Passive Acoustical Materials
0820-0845: Dr. Gabor Karafiath, NSWC-Carderock, Resistance and Powering of Small Fast Surface Combatants
0845-0855: Break
0855-0920: Dr. Donald Cox, NUWC, N2, Fracture Analysis of Piezoelectric Materials
0920-0945: Dr. Gerald Dobeck, NSWC-Panama City, PC2, Advances in Real-Time Sea-Mine Detection & Classification for MCM Autonomous Underwater Vehicles using High-Resolution Side-Looking Sonar Imagery

0945-0955: Break

Session 5 (Chair: Prof. Peter McCoy, Mathematics Department)
0955-1020: Dr. James Finneran, SPAWAR, S4, Electrophysiological Methods for Hearing Screening of U.S. Navy Dolphins

1020-1045: Dr. Mark Spano, NSWC-Carderock, C7, Chaos in Electric Power Systems and Grids

1045-1055: Break
1055-1120: Dr. Robert Koch, NUWC, N7, Simulation-Based Design (SBD) in Undersea Defense Applications
1120-1145: Dr. Frank Narducci, NAVAIR, NA7, Atom Interferometry-based Sensors: Really Cool Devices
1145-1330 Lunch Break
Session 6 (Chair: Prof. Mark Elert, Chemistry Department)

1330-1355: Dr. Christopher Dafis, NSWC-Carderock, C6, Nonlinear Electric Power System Observability

1355-1420: Dr. Gerardo Pangilinan, NSWC-Indian Head, IH4, Novel Laser Based Diagnostics of Detonation Events
1420-1430: Break
1430-1455: Dr. Frank J. Zerilli, NSWC-Indian Head, IH3, Properties of Materials and Their Constitutive Equations
1455-1520: Dr. Jeffrey Solka, NSWC-Dahlgren, D7, Text Data Mining and the Quest for Accelerated Discovery

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