Tax clearance upon cessation of corporate activities

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43115143-1151.  Tax clearance upon cessation of corporate activities

A.  No decree of involuntary dissolution shall be made, entered or filed by any court or court clerk nor shall the corporation commission file any such decree or any document by which the term of existence of any corporation shall be voluntarily reduced or terminated or any certificate of the surrender by a foreign corporation as defined in section 10-140 of its right to do business in this state unless the taxpayer obtains from the department and files with the court, clerk or corporation commission a certificate to the effect that the department is satisfied from the available evidence that all taxes imposed by this title have been paid or are secured by bond, deposit or otherwise.

B.  Within thirty days after receiving a request for a certificate, the department shall either issue the certificate or notify the person requesting the certificate of the amount of tax that must be paid or the amount of bond, deposit or other security that must be furnished as a condition of issuing the certificate.

C.  The issuance of the certificate shall not relieve the corporation or any individual from liability for any taxes, penalties or interest imposed by this title. 431151

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