Syllabus for ceie 452 Wastewater Management II spring 2002

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Syllabus for CEIE 452

Wastewater Management II

Spring 2002
Course Instructor: Sharon deMonsabert

Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

Science and Technology II, Room 301
Office Telephone: (703) 993-1747 (answering machine)
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Text: Wastewater Engineering, Metcalf & Eddy, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Course Time: Mondays, 7:20 - 10:00 pm
Course Location: Fine Arts Building – room B212
Course Objective: (1) Students will be able to analyze wastewater data and develop a preliminary design of the primary, secondary, advanced, and sludge treatment processes for a wastewater treatment plant.

(2) Students will be able to perform a preliminary analysis of biological, physical, and chemical process operations within a wastewater treatment plant.

(3) Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of environmental laws and regulations that impact on the planning, design, and operation of a wastewater treatment facility.
Grades: 30% Midterm

40% Design project (30% Written and 10% Oral)

30% Final Exam
Written Project: The projects involve the design of a sewage treatment plant. Data about a city and its flow characteristics will be distributed on a regular basis. Students will work on wastewater treatment plant design assignments independently or in small groups outside of class. Some time will be allotted during class to discuss the design assignments and to prepare for the oral presentations. Each student will prepare 3 written assignments (each worth 10% of the total grade). Note: No late written work will be accepted. A great deal of time is allotted for the 3 design assignments. Plan accordingly.
Oral Project: We will have three in-class presentations. Each student will present a part of his or her design. The final design will be presented the last day of class. A panel of wastewater design and operations professionals will review the designs and provide feedback.
Exams: Midterm: Open note, open book

Final: Take home (2 parts)

Class Notes: The class notes are posted weekly in the following FTP server directory.

CEIE 452 Schedule

Wastewater Management II



Week 1


Introduction to Wastewater Engineering

Wastewater Laws and Regulations

Week 2


Wastewater Flowrates

Wastewater Characteristics

Week 3


Wastewater Characteristics

Week 4


Design of Pretreatment Facilities

Week 5


Design of Pretreatment Facilities

Week 6


Design Session 1 (Flowrate Analysis, Wastewater Characterization, Plant Objectives, Flow Equalization, Pretreatment, Process Flow Diagram)


Spring Break – No Class

Week 7


Mid Term (Wastewater Law, Flowrate Analysis, Wastewater Characteristics, Preliminary Treatment Plant Design)

Week 8


Design of Primary and Secondary Treatment Facilities

Week 9


Design of Primary and Secondary Treatment Facilities

Week 10


Design Session 2 (Primary and Secondary Treatment Design)

Week 11


Advanced Wastewater Design

Week 12


Sludge Treatment Design

Week 13


Prepare for final design presentation

Week 14


Design Session 3 (Advanced Treatment and Sludge Processing)

Distribute final exam


Final Exam Due (7:30 p.m. – S&T II, room 301)

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