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Supplemental Data

Supplemental Figure Legends

Figure S1. ABT-737 shifts the distribution of labeled platelets from the spleen to the liver. Scintigraphic data of specific regions of interest (heart, lung, liver, and spleen) were collected over a 3-hour period. Shown is the average number of counts per pixel within each region. Data was normalized to the radioactivity level present after at the end of the 10-minute infusion (i.e., total amount of labeled platelets administered) within each animal. Scintigraphs were collected every minute for 45-minutes and then every 15-minutes for the duration of the study; n=2-3/group. A) Scintigraphic data collected from vehicle-treated dogs. B) Scintigraphic data collected from ABT-737 treated dogs.

Supplemental Figures

Figure S1

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