Supplemental application instructions

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Department of Corrections

To assist the Department in conducting a background investigation and assessing your qualifications to be employed as a Correctional Officer, please complete the forms cited below:

  • Correctional Officer/Correctional Probation Officer DC2-873

Supplemental Application

  • Willingness Questionnaire DC2-854 (CO) or DC2-855 (CPO)

  • Domestic Violence Affidavit DC2-886

  • Release of Information CJSTC 58

  • Affidavit of Applicant CJSTC 68

Answer all questions accurately and completely. If a question does not apply to you, write NA (not applicable). If the space provided is insufficient, use a separate 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and number answers to correspond with the question. Omission of facts or false information may be grounds for rejection of employment or dismissal.

You have been given four (4) copies of “Neighborhood Check,” DC2-8023. Provide one (1) copy to each of the individuals listed on Item 26 of the “Correctional Officer/Correctional Probation Officer Supplemental Application,” DC2-873.
In addition to the State of Florida Application and the forms listed above, the following documents must be provided prior to employment:
1. Copy of high school diploma or equivalent for Correctional Officer applicants, or certified copy of college transcript for Correctional Probation Officer applicants.
2. Copy of DD214, member copy 4, for each period of military service; or if currently a reservist, a copy of your military identification card. If you are a male born on or after January 1, 1960 with no prior military service, verification of selective service registration or verification from Selective Service that you were not required to register is required.
3. Applicants with a criminal record must provide: Signed statement regarding incident, Disposition/Plea (issued by Clerk of Court) with verification Terms of Court Order satisfied, and a copy of the Arrest/Police Report.
4. Copy of birth certificate (issued by State or local government entity) and/or proof of citizenship.
5. Copy of driver license (must reflect legal name).
6. Copy of social security card.

  1. Documentation of all legal name changes (i.e. marriage, divorce, adoption).

  1. Documentation of Basic Abilities Test (BAT) score (required for correctional officers only). To find a testing center near you, contact an academy or college listed on the following website to find out where and when they administer the BAT:

DC2-871 (Revised 2/21/11)

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