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Sudoku app

Documentation V 1.1

A) Installation
1 - Download the .zip file and extract the project folder

2 – Open android studio and select “open an existing Android studio project”

3 – Select the previous extracted folder

3 – Change the package name ( with another you want in the

project plus change in both android manifest and build.grandle in that find in“app” folder.

4 – Good news you have imported the project correctly :)

B) Resource to change

  1. in raw folder: you can write your own changelog that is showed on first launch when the app is upgraded.

  2. drawable folder : here you can find all image resources used in the app, change all image in this folder for reskin the entire app.

  3. xml folder: here you can change/edit the game settings if you want.

  4. In “values” and “values-xx” folders you must change :

  • admob.xml : here you can change the test id with your own that find in admob console

  • arrays.xml: you only edit this file when you want to add theme, here you can localize the

theme name.

  • strings.xml: here you can find the entire app text translated in various languages, you can edit this for change/add new word for a specific language.

  • styles.xml : here you can edit/create new theme for the sudoku's board.

C) ADMOB integration
The app support banner ad at the bottom of play view and interstitial ad when game start and when the user resolve the sudoku.
For adding your admob account to the app go to Click on “Monitize” tab -> new app. Select 'Add your app Manually' -> Enter your app name, select Platform as Android.
Select ad format and name ad unit section, select Banner or interstitial then enter Ad unit name.

Get Ad unit ID and ad in admob.xml and rebuild the project. Enjoy.

D) Reskin
For reskin the app replace all image files that you find in drawable and drawable-hdpi with your own, remember if you change the name of one image file you must change it in the layout that use that image.

E) Configure IAP
For GOOGLE PLAY console:
There are few steps that you need to pass, remembering, that some of them need some time to update on Google Play servers.

For this example, let's use com.example.product as our real product Id. Any time it shows up in this example change it to your own.


You CAN'T test REAL PURCHASES in DEBUG mode. You need to download an app from Beta, so Google know it's ok to make purchases in the app.

  1. Check if you have BILLING permission in AndroidManifest.xml:

android:name="" />

  1. Change android.test.purchased to com.example.product,

  2. Export *.apk file. It MUST BE SIGNED!

  3. Publish APK in Beta,

  4. You can now go to the next steps, but you'd need some time for your Beta to be ready for download.


You CAN'T add new product until you have published a beta.

You CAN'T test subscriptions, only products.

  1. Go to products section in Google Play Developer Console,

  2. Click Add new product button and define new product with com.example.product Id,

  3. Wait FEW HOURS until it's published.


You CAN'T test purchases being signed-in on your device with a developer account. YouCAN'T make purchases from yourself.

  1. Create testing group on Google Groups, or Google Plus,

  2. Add gmail accounts of your testers to that group,

  3. Set your group as testers in Google Play Developer Console > APP > BETA

  4. Copy testers emails in Google Play Developer Console > SETTINGS > LICENSE TESTING - this will make testing purchases enabled for their accounts.


As a tester, you WON'T be charged
When testing from downloaded app Beta, you'll see a testing information on first IAP dialog.

You'll see both your product's name and price set in dev console.

You'll be testing with your real payment options. Don't be scared of seeing your credit card. As i mentioned before - you won't be charged.

When you successfully make a test purchase, you'll get a confirmation e-mail, which looks like a real purchase confirmation.


To repeat the same purchases, you'll need to consume products, cancel purchases, or simply wait 2 weeks until testing purchases will expire.

To cancel purchases:

  1. As a Developer, go to Google Wallet, choose purchases, and cancel them (remember to manage calceled purchases in your app),

  2. As a Tester, go to app manager on your device, and clear Google Play cache. Despite of canceling on developer side, your device stores the purchase information locally.

Google play app:

you can replace the following line in InAppConfig :
public static final String SKU_PREMIUM_ADS = "remove_ads";

public static final String SKU_PREMIUM_EXTREME = "unlock_extreme";

public static final String SKU_PREMIUM_NIGHTMARE = "unlock_nightmare";



.mapSku(SKU_PREMIUM_ADS, OpenIabHelper.NAME_GOOGLE, "remove_ads")

.mapSku(SKU_PREMIUM_EXTREME, OpenIabHelper.NAME_GOOGLE, "unlock_extreme")

.mapSku(SKU_PREMIUM_NIGHTMARE, OpenIabHelper.NAME_GOOGLE, "unlock_nightmare");

with your SKU code if you choose to use other.
Replace the example api key with your own that can be copied from “Services ans API” section in developer console:
public static final String GOOGLE_PLAY_KEY = “yourapikeyhere”;

IF you want to add more store other than google follow the step from this link:

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