Subscribing to asi government’s Applied Learning Online™ Purpose

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Subscribing to ASI Government’s

Applied Learning Online™
Purpose: This document outlines the case for investing in an annual subscription to the Applied Learning Online (ALO) information service provided by ASI Government. Our analysis demonstrates that an ALO subscription will provide value to the organization which far exceeds the annual cost of the service.

ALO Components: An ALO subscription provides access to a series of acquisition, contracting, program / project management, and contracting officer technical representative (COTR/COR) learning modules. Modules are designed to be taken in brief, one- to two-hour increments, ideal for rapid learning and application. This comprehensive library of targeted e-learning modules offers us a flexible approach to learning, allowing students to choose when, where, and at what pace they learn – no matter where they are in the world.

The basic ALO subscription includes five knowledge features and resources, including:

  1. Video Instruction –ASI’s 508 compliant modules include instructor video throughout with all supporting graphics and text animated to match the timing of the instructor.

  2. Samples, Examples and Templates – ASI’s expert acquisition analysts and practitioners gather resources (including samples, examples and templates) and associate them with applicable learning modules.

  3. Instructor Reach-back – ASI provides access to its instructors and subject matter experts to answer any questions that may arise during the review of an online learning module.

  4. Exercises and Quizzes – All modules include a graded exercise at the end of the instruction. Upon successful completion (80% or greater) an electronic certificate of completion is issued. In addition, many modules include exercises, affording the students an opportunity to apply new skills and acquired knowledge.

  5. Virtual Acquisition Office™ (VAO) links – ASI provides direct links to the Virtual Acquisition Office (separate VAO subscription required) for additional and applicable samples, examples and templates.

Value to Our Organization

An ALO subscription will bring 10 key benefits to our organization (quoted from ASI materials):

  1. Yearround availability. All too often, requests for training are the result of last minute funding opportunities; Human Capital is your most important investment, don’t let training be initiated on the last day of the fiscal year. Online learning via Applied Learning Online™ is available all day, every day, year round.

  2. Meaningful. Too often, training courses are taken to “check a box,” not necessarily because they are meaningful or applicable to the job at hand. With Applied Learning Online™, access the training that you really need, when you need it, not just the training that is available at the moment.

  3. Available to everyone. Online training via Applied Learning Online™ is available for everyone in your organization to access … at any time.

  4. Timeliness of the Learning. When you really need to learn or hone your skills in a specific area, you often have to wait weeks or months for a scheduled classroom offering. And once you finally participate in a meaningful course, you may realize how much more effective the training would have been had you take it months ago, while working on a specific issue. With Applied Learning Online™, you access the exact topics you need, at the exact moment you need them.

  5. Focused Learning. Don’t sit through training you don’t need while you wait for the class to get to topics that specifically interest you. With Applied Learning Online™, access the module you need, when you need it.

  6. Instructor reach back. The “downside” of many training programs- whether in the classroom or online - is that once you are back at your desk and applying what you’ve learned, you no longer have access to the instructor. With Applied Learning Online™, reach-back is included! Reach back to instructors through the links provided in each Applied Learning Online™ module.

  7. No time away from the office. Leaving your work unattended on your desk can be stressful . Classroom training participants can become disengaged because they are more worried about the work on their desks than the subject matter in the class. With Applied Learning Online™, engage in learning at your desk, on your lunch hour, at home, or whenever works best for you. You are in charge.

  8. Train the full team. It’s nearly impossible to send your entire workforce to a single training class at the same time, but it’s easy with the Applied Learning Online™ format. With Applied Learning Online™, you can have all your team members review the same module within a specified time period. Then, consider forming “brown bag” lunch groups to review and discuss the module(s) together.

  9. Cost effectiveness. It seems that there is never enough training budget to go around, so many agencies must make choices regarding who they will send to training and when. With Applied Learning Online™, one annual price equals one full year of training for the entire organization. And no travel (and associated expenses) required. The cost per hour of ALO learning is significantly less than comparable classroom training.

  10. Unlimited access. Don’t settle for just one training course per year. Provide maximum opportunity for your up‐and‐comers to participate in learning activities. With Applied Learning Online™, access one module or all of the modules each year. The learning potential is unlimited.

Subscription Pricing and Value

ALO access may be ordered via:

  1. Training Authorization Form (SF-182 )

  2. Library of Congress FEDLINK Contract LC09D7051

  3. Purchase order, purchase card, or task order.

The following analysis demonstrates the monetary value of Applied Learning Online™ as compared to other learning resources.

Not only does ALO provide a convenient platform for our continuing education requirements, it delivers the same amount of training (seat time1) and therefore, the same amount of credits at more than 50% less than other more traditional learning options.

Upon reviewing this analysis, you will also find that the cost per subscriber and per hour is inversely proportional to the number of subscribers

Each chart that follows compares learning options for 100 students at an average 36 credit hours/seat time per year.

Agency Subscription Cost

ALO Agency Subscription for 100 Users offers significant savings. It is more than 50% less than traditional or online training choices.

Cost Per Subscriber

The ALO cost per student decreases with the increase in subscribed users.
Per Subscriber, the ALO will cost $418 per student while traditional classroom and online training will cost, on average, more than 50% more.

Daily Cost per Subscriber

ALO cost per day per student is $93.
On average, traditional and online training will cost, on average, $246 and $349 respectively, per day per student.

Hourly Cost per Subscriber

The ALO cost per hour of education per student is an amazing $12. Traditional and Online training costs, on average, between $31 - $50 per hour per student.

Pricing starts at $12,144 for 10 users to access the various features of the service (with significant discounts as user totals increase).

As an add-on option, Acquisition Solutions can customize ALO courses for our agency, which can include agency-specific best practices to facilitate quality and consistency across our organization.

About ASI Government

ASI Government focuses exclusively on helping the federal government improve acquisition outcomes and is a recognized leader in the acquisition field. The ALO subscription reflects the on-site experience of Acquisition Solutions’ expert acquisition practitioners and the aggregate of hundreds of years of federal SES and management experience in the acquisition field.

More information about Acquisition Solutions is available at


It is recommended that we proceed with a subscription to the Applied Learning Online™.

1 Whether in a traditional classroom setting or online, seat time is calculated based on the number of hours the student is engaged in active learning.

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