Subject: New Product Release for d-link dmc-1002

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Date: May, 28,2002

To: All Locations

Subject: New Product Release for D-Link DMC-1002;

SNMP Module for Chassis-Based Media Converter

PART NO.: DMC1002...A1

About DMC-1002

The Management Module provides the brain of the Chassis-Based Media Converter systems ( DMC-1000 ) for D-Link’s media converter family. It features a 32-bit, high performance RISC microprocessor executing a real-time operating system. It supports the SNMP Manage, WEB-base management and console management.

During normal operation, the DMC-1002 polls all converters and power supplies within its domain each fresh time which is software configurable, collecting status and module information as well as setting required parameters. It reports its collected status via the SNMP, WEB, Telnet or Console.

The DMC-1002 is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. New module software updates to the DMC-1002 can be downloaded during normal network operation via web or tftp.

Product Feature

  • One 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port and one RS-232 port for management

  • Web-based management via Http on the out-of-band 10/100M Fast Ethernet port

  • Real-time display the link, speed, duplex status of media converters.

  • Menu-driven terminal management through the console port or Telnet

  • Support SNMP v.1 Agent Management with MIB-2 and enterprise MIBs

  • Support cold start, warm start, authentication fail, power fail, fan fail, module insertion, module pullout, port link down and port link up traps

  • Firmware update download as well as configuration setting upload and download through tftp or web update

  • Support factory reset and remote software reboot

  • Support redundant backup of media converter

  • Remote set the configurations of Smart Media Converter module, like LLCF enable, LLR enable, port enable, auto-negotiation enable, etc.

Technical Specification



  • Part Number

  • Revision

  • Description

  • Chassis Reset

  • Power status

Converter Module

  • Link Status

  • Converter Type

  • Slot Occupied

  • Part Number

  • Revision


  • Cold Start

  • Warm Start

  • Link Up

  • Link Down

  • Authentication Failure

  • Power Supply On/Off

  • Power Supply Removed

  • Module Insertion

  • Module Unknown

  • Module Failure

Active Control

  • Link Loss Carry Forward

  • Link Loss Return

  • Module Name

  • Reset Module

  • Redundant Backup

  • Download software via tftp / http

  • Subnet Mask

  • Default Gateway


  • IP

  • UDP

  • SNMP

  • TCP

  • TFTP

  • ARP

  • ICMP

  • HTTP

Diagnostic LEDs

  • Power1, 2,

  • Power Fail 1, 2

  • Fan Fail 1, 2

  • MGM

  • Console

  • Link / Activity

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • 120 x 88 x 25 mm


  • Operating: 0 ~ 40 oC

  • Storage: -25 ~ 70 oC


  • Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH

  • Storage: 5% ~ 90% RH


Box Includes

  • One DMC-1002 SNMP Module

  • RS-232 Cable

  • User’s guide

Ordering Information

DMC-1002 SNMP Module for Chassis-Based Media Converter

Ordering Price

Please refer to the Price Book from BBU

Lead Time:

About three weeks per order

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