Street Closure Procedure for construction Projects

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Street Closure Procedure for construction Projects

1. All closures of arterial and collector streets require a press release and an accompanying map. Also all "extended" lane restrictions of arterial and collector streets require a press release. As a general rule, any lane restriction expected to be in-place for two weeks or more would be considered "extended".

2. The assigned inspector shall coordinate with the contractor to get as much notice as possible of the intended closure date. It is suggested that you have 2 weeks notification prior to closing from the contractor.
3. ITS (Tim Kahman and Rick Hartl) shall be notified in advance of any closures so they can prepare the map for the press release. The press release description drafted by the inspector, and the map, needs to be reviewed by the City Engineer before it is sent to Kelli Welch (or Jina Bellamy in Kelli's absence). It is advisable to start the process well in advance since review and approved is required. The press release should get to the media ahead of the actual closure. Please also notify these same people when changes to a road closure or restriction is made so the website map can be modified.

4. The Inspector shall write up a short summary to explain the work, the area, how long, when, where, and why the closure is taking place. This should be reviewed by the construction project manager and then the construction manager. This information is for the public and must be approved by the City Engineer. Kelly Welch will need this summary to use in a letter for the City’s paper and city televised announcement channel.

5. If message boards or special signs are required, the inspector shall arrange for these through Public Works Operations Division. If these are not available, it will be necessary for the contractor to furnish such signage.
6. When all of the paper work has been approved and the street is ready for closure, there is a list of contacts that need a minimum of 48 hours notice via e-mail. Attached is the list of persons to contact.

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